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Tatamaru is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. The heir of Highwind Skyways, he is an entheusiast of airships and joins the Ehcatl Nine's Dezul Qualan project.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Tatamaru is a male Dunesfolk Lalafell with black hair and maroon eyes. He wears a white doublet typical of Highwind Skyways personnel, with black boots and chausses.

Story[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[edit | edit source]

Tatamaru is first seen investigating the Adventurer aiding the Ehcatl Nine by building airship components for the Ixal. He is initially taken aback by hearing the Ixal commissioned it, but upon hearing Sezul Totoloc's story, he becomes swayed and decides to stay with the Ehcatl Nine as chief engineer. His true identity and association with Highwind skyways is gradually revealed through the Ixali Beast-Tribes quest, as is the connection between his grandfather Tatanora and Sezul's mentor Dezul Qualan. His engineering background and contacts with Highwind employees allow Sezul Totoloc to make great headway in their project.

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Eventually his father, Chairman Tatabaru arrives with armed sellswords aboard his airship to take his son back by force. Tatamaru is able slip away from his father while at the Observatorium thanks to the aid of the player. While leaving, they are confronted by Colson, who only relents once he realizes Tatamaru's passion is the same as his grandfather.

As Natalan devout prepare an airstrike against the Ehcatl Nine in retaliation against Sezul Totoloc and the "unbelievers," Tatamaru joins up with the player at the observatorium. They discover one Ixali airship managed to launch, and is only stopped thanks to Tatabaru having a change of heart and ramming the balloon craft out of the sky with his airship. At the Ehcatl Nine camp, Tatabaru apologizes for his earlier actions and acknowledges the importance of Ixali engineering in his company's background. With all obstacles out of the way, Tatamaru is able to pilot the maiden flight of the Dezul Qualan. Despite some turbulence caused by a whirlwind over the Black Shroud, the maiden voyage is a success and Tatamaru achieves a new altitude record.

In the Allied Beast-Tribe quests, Tatamaru is able to identify Nhaza'a Jaab's rogue airship by examining a piece of debris when he had a run in with the Ehcatl. It belonged to a rare Garlond Ironworks Model 1569-II model aircraft, of which only four were produced. He has the player meet with Colson in Ul'dah, who narrows down the likely culprit as being a group called the "Laughing Alchemists," one of the few to obtain a vessel. Tatamaru later arrives in Ul'dah with Voyce and Skaetswys to assist in tracking down the rogue behind the beastman kidnappings.

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