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Tasgio talking to Yuna.

I feel, oh, how shall I say our grandchildren are moving too quickly.

Tasgio showing his worries about young generation.

Tasgio (タスジオ, Tasujio?) [[taskio]] is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy X, presented only in Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm video.


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When Yuna enters the Besaid Temple, Tasgio is seen talking with Wakka. Then he and Wakka approach her, and Tasgio says it's a pleasure to meet her. He then talks about her speech from two years before and remarks how beautiful she is. He then explains his reason for meeting with Yuna: he needs advice on how he should act with his grandson as he's with the Youth League, while Tasgio and 'the missus' are with New Yevon.

He talks about how he and his parents attended all the party meeting, but one day they stopped coming. Tasgio is sure that it's not a bad thing that his grandson is hanging out with people at his age, but expresses his worries on how quickly the young people act. He wishes only the best for him, but shows his concern of agreeing on so little. Yuna then advises him to talk to his grandson first, saying that he may walk a different path, but surely he wants the same for Spira as they all do.

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