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Taro is a temporary party member from Final Fantasy Legend II. He is a human who opened a small school in Edo World.


Taro is a tall and handsome man clad in Edo clothing carrying several katanas.

AS a humble man, despite being an apparent samurai of the realm, he chooses to work as a schoolteacher. He is cunning and brave, working as an undercover agent for the Guardians.


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The party meets Taro as a school teacher in Hana's Town.

Taro rescues Hana from Echigoya's gangsters at the bottom of the ship. When the main character arrives down there, he asks if she's alright, but is surprised to see Taro down there too. She tells them Taro saved her from the gangsters, and thanks him. The ship is full of bananas (opium in the Japanese version), so they can arrest Echigoya, and should hurry to the Court. The party offers to go with her, and Taro tells them he'll go tell Kame Hana is alright.

Kame and Taro rush into her house. An injured Kame tells her he though he could get some clues if he got into Echigoyas, but they found him. The main character hears noises coming from outside, and Taro hides Kame away while Hana and the main character act normally. An officer rushes into the house and tells Hana somebody sneaked into Echigoyas and he ran this way. Echigoya says this person looked like Kame. He asks where he is and she tells the officer he got his pay today, so he must have gone on a date or something. Before leaving, the officer tells her to give it up because some very big people are concerned in this case and it's getting out of their hands. He leaves.

The party goes to Kame who's resting in Hana's bed. He's sorry he couldn't find anything, but Hana tells his it's okay and he should take care of himself. The party suggest they go see Echigoya, and she agrees while Taro stays by Kame's side.

After the confrontation underneath Echigoya's shop, Hana loses hope as they cannot do anything to the Sho-gun. The main character tells her to not give up. Taro on the other hand tells the party he'll get rid of the Sho-gun because his task is to guard MAGI from people like him. The main character wonders if he's a Guardian, and Taro asks the main character if s/he knows about the Guardians. He says that his/her father was one of them, known to them as Captain. Taro asks how he's doing, but the main character replies he's dead. He asks the main character to come with him to defeat Sho-gun and tells Hana he will go avenge her father. The party head towards Edo Castle.

The party arrives at the gates of Edo Castle, but the guards will not allow them to proceed further and engage the party into battle, but they are defeated easily. The party infiltrates the castle, and makes their way to the top. They arrive in Sho-gun's chamber, and Taro tells him he's here to take his life. But he cries like a baby and screams for help. After being defeated, his father appears right behind him in disappointment. A father who is non-human, since his son mess up his plans, he kills him. He teleports the party on the roof of the castle, he complains to the party his son was useless, but had enough luck to bring him MAGI.

After the battle, the party receive four MAGI that were in possession of Magnate.

After Sho-gun and Magnate's defeat, the party returns to Hana's house and tell her they won. The main character asks what are they going to do now, and both embarrassingly can't answer the question. One party member says they look great together. Another party member mentions there's only ten more MAGI to go and they take their leave.

Taro is held captive by Apollo at the base of the second Pillar of Sky on Final World along with Hana, Lynn, Ki, Flora, and Leon. He is released when the party gives up their seventy-six MAGI in exchange for them.

On their journey home, the party visits Hana, Taro, and Kame.

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Appearance(s) HP Str Def Agl Mana Equipment
1st 551 63 56 60 45 FFLII Sword Icon.pngMuramas
FFLII Sword Icon.pngKatana
FFLII Gauntlet Icon.pngNinja
FFLII Armor Icon.pngKimono
FFLII Shield Icon.pngSamurai
FFLII Book Icon.pngCure

Taro's initial build excels in single-target damage, especially against the Humanoid-type enemy class when attacking with Muramas. This makes him exceptional in fighting the boss Sho-Gun, so be sure to save at least several uses of it by the time you reach him to end the fight quickly.

When he initially joins, he has six of eight equipment slots filled, leaving two free spots for building him to the player's tastes and needs. As he is missing a helmet, it is a good idea to go back to Giant's World for a Giant's Helm: it will raise his STR by 10 while adding to his middling DEF stat.

Other appearances[]

SaGa Compilation Trading Card Game[]

Taro makes an appearance as a card in the card game.



Taro's Japanese name is Ronin. A rōnin (浪人?) was a samurai with no lord or master during the feudal period (1185–1868) of Japan.

Hana and Taro are generic Japanese girl and boy names meaning "flower" and "peach". The names Hana and Taro Yamada are the rough equivalents of Jane and John Doe in English.