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Tarja is a character in Final Fantasy XVI. She is a resident of Cid's Hideaway who works as the settlement's physician. She has developed a method of removing a Bearer's brand, a dangerous procedure as the Bearers are tattooed with poisonous ink.


Tarja was born a Bearer, and was taken as a slave for the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. Made to be a healer for Sanbrequois troops, she learned medical techniques from an older Bearer who became her mentor, eventually becoming a skilled physician. At some point, she either escaped her captors herself or was liberated by Cidolfus Telamon. Regardless, she joined Cid in his efforts to aid Bearers by becoming his hideaway's head doctor, looking after the sick and injured, and offering the option for them to have their brands surgically removed.

After Cid returned from the Nysa Defile with Clive Rosfield and an unconscious Jill Warrick in tow, Tarja oversaw the latter's treatment. Clive would later inform Tarja of newly-arrived Bearers in need of medical aid at Otto's request. Later, after Clive and Cid returned from King's Fall, Tarja greeted Clive to inform him that Jill had woken up, and encouraged him to go see her in the infirmary. She provided Jill with a new set of clothes before seeing her and Clive off when they left for the ruins of Phoenix Gate.

During the Fall of the Hideaway, Tarja found Gav in Cid's quarters, injured and missing an eye after being attacked by one of Hugo Kupka's underlings, urging him to come with her to escape the slaughter. After escaping, she and Gav witnessed Titan destroy the hideaway, watching on in horror.

After Cid perished at Drake's Head, Clive took on his name and became the new leader of the Cursebreakers, the Bearer-emancipation movement that Cid's group morphed into. They made a new hideaway in Bennumere deadlands and Tarja built a new physicker's office and infirmary from scratch where she continued to provide brand-removal for those requesting it, looking after the sick and injured—including Jill Warrick's advancing crystals' curse—and making medicine for the hideaway's residents.

Tarja was present to help deliver Edda's baby at the hideaway.



Tarja has a large scar on her left cheek, indicating she is a Bearer, but removed her own brand. She has long, auburn hair styled in a ponytail, and has pale blue eyes. In 873, she wears white surgical clothes, and five years after the Fall of the Hideaway, she has changed her attire to dark-colored surgical gear.


Tarja takes her role as a healer seriously, chastising Clive and Jill when they do not heed her advice and use their power recklessly.


Tarja is a real world name used in Finland, a version of the name "Daria".


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