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Target in Final Fantasy IV (PSP).

Targeting (ターゲッティング, Tāgettingu?), occasionally translated as Targetting, Search or Target, is a recurring enemy ability in the series. In itself, it does nothing, but it indicates the target of its user's next attack.


Final Fantasy IV[]

Trap Door uses Target to indicate the player that it is about to use the lethal Ninth Dimension attack on.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

Target is an enemy ability used by Trap Door.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Target is an enemy ability used by Trap Door, Barnabas, and Dr. Lugae.

Final Fantasy V[]

Level Checker and Omega Mk.II use Search (Target in the PlayStation version), to indicate the player who will be the target of the next attack.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Fiend uses Targeting to indicate the character that will be targeted by its Fiendish Rage attack. Was translated as Targetting in the older translations.

Final Fantasy XI[]

Kin and Ou, both Caturae fought in Omen, may use Target on the player with the most Hate. This causes the monster's eyes to glow, and 90 seconds later, it will use Eleventh Dimension on the targeted player. This is a Terror status-inflicting attack that lasts for 180 seconds. The targeting may be broken by use of the Paladin's Cover ability on the targeted player, or by shifting hate enough that the targeted player is no longer at the top of the hate list. If targeting is broken, the caturae's eyes will immediately stop glowing and Eleventh Dimension will not be used.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Targeting ((ロックオン, Rokku On?, lit. Lock-on) in Japanese) is an enemy ability that targets aparty member and prepares to unleash Pinpoint Beam. It is used by the Ushumgal Subjugator.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

In the battle against the Ghrah Luminary in Pharos Sirius (Hard), an enemy called Corruption will sometimes be spawned; this enemy will use Targeting on a player to indicate that it is going to copy them. Targeting causes a tether to attach to the targeted player; this tether can be dragged onto other enemies in the room to cause them to be targeted instead. Doing so is a good idea, because Corruption will be much weaker if it is copying the spiders or birds instead of a player character.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Bravely series[]

Bravely Default.

In Bravely Default, Targeting is the ability for the Ranger. It deals 1.25 times the damage of a conventional attack. It costs 12 MP to use.

In Bravely Second: End Layer, Targeting is the level 2 command ability for the Ranger. It allows the user to deal a physical attack that always strikes for critical damage. It costs 1 BP to use.


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