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The Targ Wood area.

Birdsong fills this peaceful forest. A small village stands among the watchful trees.

Targ Wood is the first battlefield a player comes across in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Luso Clemens is magickally transported to Ivalice into Targ Wood, where he does his first battle with Clan Gully against Klesta the Crushatrice. Hume recruits for a clan can be found here during the winter months.

Locations Edit

Targ Wood Edit

Many animals dwell among the towering trees of this quiet wood.

Quests Edit

"A Stranger in the Woods"

Cid, leader of Clan Gully, along with his nu mou Black Mage and viera White Mage, traveled to Targ Wood to find Klesta the indomitable Crushatrice. Upon encounter, Luso suddenly appeared between them. Cid saved the boy by making him join the clan, which is adjudged and protected from permanent death. Luso becomes a Soldier and helped the clan defeat the Crushatrice, but Klesta managed to escape before they could finish it.

Forbidden: Ranged Weapons
Green Dominion
A strange group has gathered in Targ Wood. What are they up to?

Luso and the clan encounters a strange group of four Green Mage viera named Miss Midori. They were about to conjure new green magick when the clan interfered with their "Njrg" incantation. Out of anger, they attacked the clan, but were defeated. To make peace, the group offered to teach them the Green Mage job class.

Forbidden: Reaction Abilities
The First Step
Let's trade: my Ocktor tome for your cactus fruit!

Luso accepts a trade mission with the nu mou White Mage Mack Ocktor. Mack requested Cactus Fruits to help create a salve to heal an ill boy, and is ready to trade it with the Ocktor Tome of Medicine. The medicine worked, and Mack received a generous sum which helped him further his studies in Moorabella.

Wood Village Edit

A small village where time seems to stand still. The fresh mushroom stew is not to be missed.

Muskmallow Field Edit

Chocobos lazily graze among the field's gently swaying field.

Quests Edit

A Paw Full of Feathers
Drive off wolves harassing a corral and put the chocobos' nerves at ease.

Hired to keep an eye out for a herd of Chocobos at the Muskmallow Field, the clan must protect it from preying wolves.

Forbidden: Fire
Kyrra, Dragoon

The clan rushed to Targ Wood to find a bangaa Dragoon named Kyrra being harassed by bangaa White Monks and Warriors. They came to her rescue and defeated the bullies, but the Dragoon was not used to being in gratitude. However, as goodwill, he teaches the clan the job Dragoon.

Random encounter Edit

"Fey Mischief"
Faeries that live deep in the woods. They delight in causing mischief.
Forbidden: Targeting Self

Traveler's Way Edit

A meandering road leading to Targ Wood. Travels come and go along the thoroughfare.

Quests Edit

"The Yellow Wings"
Apprehend the band of brigands known as the Yellow Wings and restore order to the highroad.

After hearing a rumor at the pub that said that bandits had closed off the highroad that leads out of the Targ Wood, Clan Gully decided to solve things up by themselves. After defeating the bandits, the road to Camoa was cleared of danger.

Secret locations Edit

Ophy Point Edit

Faeries are said to gather in this secluded spot. The wind carries a sweet, faint scent.

This location is obtained after completing the mission "The Star Seal".

Highroads Edit

Camoa Highroad Edit

The road leads north to Camoa. Delicate flowers dot its embankments.

Other quests Edit

  • "Stranger in the Woods"
  • "The Yellow Wings"
  • "Reagent Run"
  • "The First Step"
  • "The Next Step"
  • "Kids These Days"
  • "The Trappings of Failure"
  • "The Star Seal"
  • "What was Lost"
  • "A Step Further"
  • "The Last Step"
  • "Prepared with Love"
  • "Foodstuffs: Texture"
  • "Showdown"
  • "Clan Mates"
  • "Wanted: Barmaid"
  • "Show of Strength"
  • "Wanted: Woodcutter"
  • "House Bowen's Challenge"
  • "An Earnest Search"
  • "Shipping Out"
  • "The Forests of Loar"
  • "Memories"
  • "Rancher's Request - Yellow"
  • "Rancher's Request - Black"
  • "Bonga Bugle - Bloodfire"
  • "Wanted: Hatchery Worker"
  • "Rancher's Request - Green"
  • "Rancher's Request - Brown"
  • "Rancher's Request - White"
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