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Tama's tongue twister of a transfiguration. Pronounced "tah-mah-MOE-hee-may." She's looking divine, to be sure, to put this... The chest hair does come as a surprise?

Mirage Manual entry

Tamamohimé is a mirage in World of Final Fantasy.


Base stats Edit

Mirage Board spacesEdit

Active Ability SP Required
Regen 4
Raise 4
Blaze 4
Blossom Storm 5
Stat Boosts
Stat SP Required
Strength++ 3
Magic++ 3
Magic Defense+ 3
Agility++ 3
Evasion+ 3
Evasion+ 3
Critical+ 3
Miscellaneous Spaces
Support Ability SP Required
Joyride 1
Blank Space SP Required
Blank Space 2
Mirajewel SP Required
All Resistances+ Mirajewel 4
Transfiguration SP Required
Tama 1
Miscellaneous Information
SP Total SP
Mirage Board 46
Mirage Board family 82
Level Requirement Level
Fresh (No other transfiguration unlocked) Transf. Unlocked
Mirage Board completion 35 35
Mirage Board family Mastery 61 60

Encounter stats Edit

The Coliseum Edit


Location Formation
The Coliseum - WOFF Mascots Diva Serafie Stack (Serafie, Diva Serafie), Tamamohimé Stack (Tama, Tamamohimé)

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Tama is "ball", "jewel" or "pearl" in Japanese, and it may refer to the hoshi no tama (ほしのたま?, lit. star balls), magical jewels or balls carried by kitsune, sometimes represented as a container to hold a portion of its magical power when changing shape, or a representation of the kitsune's soul.

Tamamo-no-Mae (玉藻前?) is a spirit resembling a nine-tailed fox in Japanese mythology. Hime (?) is a Japanese word referring to a princess or young women of high birth, and is also often featured in the names of Japanese goddesses.

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