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FFLIII Talon Crew

The Talon Crew aboard the Talon2.

The Talon Crew (ステスロス搭乗員, Sutesurosu Toujouin?) are the original crew members of the Talon before it was sealed in the Palace. After Sol separated the 13 Talon units, the crew stayed in Pureland.


Buzi, the SageEdit

One of the original Talon crew, the Sage Buzi carries lots of useful potions around. He is found in Mt. Hasbid, and joins after Guha's defeat. He is able to free Dahak from the curse Xagor place upon him which bound it to the Southwest Ruins. After the Talon is destroyed, Buzi survives the crash and witnesses the party's fight against Jorgandr. After a victorious battle, Buzi temporarily stays in Cape Frost, where he can be re-recruited again when Arthur returns in the Talon2.


Name Cost
FFLIII CurativeCure1 50 G
FFLIII CurativeCure2 150 G
FFLIII CurativeCure3 300 G
FFLIII CurativeMagic 1500 G
FFLIII TentTent 2000 G
FFLIII CapsuleElixir 3500 G

Juba, the Armor ArtistEdit

A part of the original Talon crew, the Armorer Juba can forge strong armor using elemental stones. He is first found in Eitar's Village, making armor for King Clamin. He is later found in the floating city Cirrus, and boards the Talon2 after simply talking to him.


Name Cost
FFLIII ArmorMirror 13000 G
FFLIII GlovePower 18000 G
FFLIII ShieldSamurai 18000 G
FFLIII Other2Bangle 18000 G


Name Components
FFLIII ShieldAegis FFLIII TabletMetal + FFLIII TabletOil
FFLIII GloveMirror FFLIII StoneLight + FFLIII StoneDark
FFLIII Other2Armlet FFLIII StoneLight + FFLIII StoneDark x2
FFLIII ShoesSpeed FFLIII StoneLight x2 + FFLIII StoneDark
FFLIII ShieldSpeed FFLIII StoneDark + FFLIII StoneLight

Masa, the Weapon ArtistEdit

Another of the original Talon crew, the Blacksmith Masa can forge weapons of mass destruction. Masa left Cirrus to look for the Mystic Swords, and finds Xcalibr in Zhakal. Since nobody can draw the sword except for a special girl, he lies in wait until she comes to Zhakal and draws it. After Faye draws the Xcalibr and Arthur shows it to him, Masa boards the Talon2. He is also able to dispel the curse from Muramas and turn it into the Mystic Sword Masmune.


Name Cost
FFLIII AxeRune 13000 G
FFLIII StaffWall 18000 G
FFLIII AxePara 18000 G
FFLIII OrdnanceLaser 18000 G


Name Components
FFLIII Mystic SwordMasmune FFLIII SwordMuramas
FFLIII Mystic SwordEmperor FFLIII TabletEmblem + FFLIII TabletCrystal + FFLIII TabletKatana
FFLIII HammerPetrify FFLIII StoneLight + FFLIII StoneDark
FFLIII SpearWhite FFLIII StoneLight + FFLIII StoneDark x2
FFLIII BowSamurai FFLIII StoneLight x2 + FFLIII StoneDark
FFLIII BoomerangNinja FFLIII StoneLight + FFLIII StoneDark x3

Shar, the WizardEdit

The last of the original Talon crew, the wizard Shar can create Lost Magic using powerful elemental stones. He lives in Cape Frost with a Quacky-type Cyborg and a Talker-type Cyborg, he is looking for the Tablet, a key to why the Purelanders must serve those that calls themselves Masters. Once the Tablet is found brought to him after defeating Jorgandr. He'll board Talon2 after a brief conversation.


Name Cost
FFLIII Lost MagicCureA 10000 G
FFLIII White MagicLife 18000 G
FFLIII Black MagicVirus 18000 G
FFLIII Lost MagicCureB 61800 G


Name Components
FFLIII Lost MagicLifeA FFLIII StoneEarth + FFLIII StoneEarth
FFLIII Lost MagicCycle FFLIII StoneWater + FFLIII StoneEarth
FFLIII Lost MagicLifeB FFLIII StoneWater + FFLIII StoneWater
FFLIII Lost MagicShake FFLIII StoneFire + FFLIII StoneEarth
FFLIII Lost MagicLit X FFLIII StoneFire + FFLIII StoneWater
FFLIII Lost MagicFlare FFLIII StoneFire + FFLIII StoneFire
FFLIII Lost MagicWind FFLIII StoneAir + FFLIII StoneEarth
FFLIII Lost MagicFlood FFLIII StoneAir + FFLIII StoneWater
FFLIII Lost MagicFireX FFLIII StoneAir + FFLIII StoneFire
FFLIII Lost MagicExit2 FFLIII StoneAir + FFLIII StoneAir


Eitar, Juba and Buzi's Japanese names are Atal, Zkauba and Barzai, all of which are references to H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.


  • Found within the game's data, there are four items named after the crew members. Players may have been able to "install" the crew members like units in an earlier version of the game, but this was removed in the final version.
  • Shar, the Wizard looks like a traditional Red Mage.
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