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The Talon, and later the Talon2, is the main transportation in Final Fantasy Legend III. At first, the Talon is useless, but as the story progresses, it can eventually fly and travel to the past or the future. Throughout the first half of the game it's stuck in a temple and can only be used for time-traveling. Once the heroes figure out how to unleash its potential, it becomes their regular mode of transportation. Once Arthur acquirers Talon2, everyone still refers to it as the Talon.

The Talon remains airborne when the party exits the ship. Random encounters can occur when flying and battles take place aboard the ship. Talon begins the battle by firing its main weapon, and regardless on which weapon the player has set up, it'll strike all enemies.

The item called Remote allows the user to call the Talon to the player.


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The Talon was built by Sol. This space-time battle cruiser can navigate the pathways separating dimensions. Commanding this weapon, Sol sealed the Pureland warriors in a burned-out dimension, then returned to his universe and divided the internal mechanisms of the Talon into 13 Units. Using his last ounce of energy, Sol willed the Units and scattered them into various historical times and places on both the World and the Pureland. When the Water Entity appeared, monsters systematically sacked the towns of the World, looking for the Units.

Talon was sealed inside the Palace. Arthur and his party searched for the missing Units scattered across time to stop the Water Entity. Dr. Pulcer devised a plan to release the Talon and sent Arthur to Floatland looking for Remote and X-Plane. Upon their recovery, Dr. Pulcer blew up the Palace and freed the Talon.

Once Arthur warped to Pureland, the Talon units malfunctioned preventing him from returning to the World. With Talon's limited ability, they could not cross oceans. After the Talon was caught up in a sandstorm over Jorgandr Desert, it crashed and smashed into pieces. Arthur gathered the units of the Talon and continued his journey to Talonsburg where he acquired Talon2 and Dr. Quacer attached the Talon's previous units to the new ship. Arthur could now cross oceans with the Hover unit found within Talonsburg.

At Mt. Goht, Arthur and Borgin saw Talon2 assisting them of its own free will by bombarding the area and creating a new passage. Arthur was puzzled that the Talon2 moved by itself, but Borgin explained his father's brain made it possible as Talon2 uses a human mind for its control system.

During the battle with Xagor, Talon2 assisted Arthur by firing its main weapon. Once Xagor was defeated, the party escaped from Pureland in Talon2 and flew into the hole and emerged out of the Water Entity in the Future World. The Water Entity disappeared, taking the Talon2 with it.

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Talon Units[]

Units are devices that are installed into the battle cruiser called Talon. Units are automatically installed when approaching the control panel in the cockpit.


Name Effect Location
FFLIII Unit.gifRover Travel over ground only. Can be selected from the Talon's menu to travel at normal speed. Find: Southeast Cave (Past)
FFLIII Unit.gifHover Travel over ground and water. Can be selected from the Talon's menu to travel at faster speed. Find: Castle of Chaos (Present), Talonsburg (Pureland)
FFLIII Unit.gifSoar Travel over any terrain (mountains). Can be selected from the Talon's menu to travel at high speed. Find: Eastern Ruins (Pureland)


Name Effect Location
FFLIII Unit.gifPast Can warp to the Past World. Find: Elan (Present)
FFLIII Unit.gifFuture Can warp to the Future World. Find: Castle of Chaos (Present)
FFLIII Unit.gifX-Plane Can warp to Pureland. Find: Maitreya's Tower (Floatland)
  • Warp 2: Listed at the end of the Unit digits within the game's data, and it cannot be installed onto the ship so its function (if any) is a mystery.


Name Effect Location
FFLIII Unit.gifCannon Weapon, attacks all enemies. Already Installed
FFLIII Unit.gifMissile Weapon, attacks all enemies. Find: Mt. Hasbid (Pureland)
FFLIII Unit.gifLaser Weapon, attacks all enemies. Find: Cirrus (Pureland)
FFLIII Unit.gifE-Ray Most powerful weapon, attacks all enemies. Find: Crevasse (Underworld)
FFLIII Unit.gifShield Eliminates random encounters. Find: Talonsburg (Pureland)


Name Effect Location
FFLIII Unit.gifFlushex Returns lead party member to original form. Find: Lae (Past)
FFLIII Unit.gifBerth Fully restore party's HP/MP, and status. Find: Viper City (Future)

Talon crew[]

Once the player finds the crew of the Talon, they can buy items, equipment, and magic from them. Two of them can combine Light and Dark stones to make new weapons and armor, and one of them can combine Elemental stones to make Lost Magic.


  • FFLIII Shield.gifAegis
  • FFLIII Mystic Sword.pngEmperor
  • FFLIII Mystic Sword.pngMasmune

Musical themes[]

The theme that plays while flying on the Talon is called "Theme of Another Dimension".



'Stethelos' takes its name from a city that appears in H. P. Lovecraft's novels.