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Assorted Crafts[edit source]

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False info...[edit source]

The FFT part says that only one character needs to learn it from Elidibs, because after that, that character only has to target the others with it for them to learn it. However, in Tactics, summons DO NOT harm allies, so that is not true. I am gonna change this. Objections? KujaRhapsodos 15:47, December 26, 2009 (UTC)

Finally, with the new Zodiac Sign... Zodiark finally makes sense... oh wait, does Astrology make any? --SteamyGoreng 23:44, January 30, 2011 (UTC)

Ashlesha Ascendant[edit source]

From the "Ashlesha" Ascendant, and the out-of-place astrological context (given the common western/Tropical zodiac only bearing 12 signs cleanly), and the fact that Ashlesha occurs in Leo, a spotlight of the sun, near Draco, which has serpentine traits...

It is possible that "Ashelia", the name of the disenthroned princess, is a variant on the modifying, anagramming, and anglicizing of words. It would imply that the most powerful is indeed, she, who keeps to precepts of her own... but mostly, the coincidence in naming. Read into it what explication you will.

It bears that "Ashlesha" and "Ashelia" are significantly similar.

In War of the Lions Melee[edit source]

Can you hit someone with Zodiark and make them learn it.

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