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From the Limit break talk page: Weapon skills in FFXI[edit source]

Weapon skills in FFXI: if you've ever played it, you know they are very unlike limit breaks. The only similarity is that a gauge builds up before you can use the attack, but the gauge rarely even takes 2 minutes to fill up unless the player is not meleeing or is missing constantly. A skill used every two minutes or less (Samurai can unleash volleys of weapon skills in seconds, by the way) is not comparable to a limit break in FFVII or an overdrive in FFX. Also, weapon skills are not the ultimate abilities like FFXI's 2-hour abilities are. Two-hour abilities should be covered here, while weapon skills get their own page.

If one were to consider Weapon Skills to be FFXI's limit breaks, then that person would also have to consider every dance a Dancer does a limit break, because they also use TP from the same gauge. Finally, nearly every monster attack in the game requires 100 or more TP to be used. Considering TP to be the source of limit breaks, monsters who do not cast spells do nothing except limit breaks (under this flawed theory).

The most similar thing I can compare weapon skills to in another Final Fantasy would be Crystal Chronicle's Focus Attacks, which depend on the weapon being wielded.

I'm going to move the weapon skill info to the Weapon Skill page, and leave the 2-hour information here.--Blue Donkey Kong 01:38, August 10, 2010 (UTC)

Even more argument for weapon skills not being like Limit Breaks:

Blue Mages in FFXI learn the TP moves (AKA weapon skills) of monsters. After learning them, however, Blue Mages use those abilities by spending MP, rather than TP, like the monsters. If TP moves/weapon skills are to be considered limit breaks, the Blue Mage has over 120 limit breaks, combining the number of spells with the sword weapon skills it gets. Those epic "limit breaks" would include things like Head Butt (Final Fantasy XI), Wild Carrot, Feather Tickle, and Regeneration. A simple healing spell like Wild Carrot or an ability that bestows Regen like Regeneration should NOT be compared to things like Blitz Ace, Omnislash, and Renzokuken.

Summoners' avatars use abilities that are considered weapon skills. They can even skillchain with many of them. However, Summoners activate their avatar's weapon skills by spending MP. The avatar does not need to have 100% TP to use them; the avatar's TP will merely boost the power.

Look at FFXI's 2-hour abilities, like Benediction, Manafont, and Chainspell. Now THOSE are like limit breaks.--Blue Donkey Kong 02:01, August 10, 2010 (UTC)

And wow, just realized, simply capitilize the S in Weapon Skill and we have a proper and extensive page for it. This page should simply redirect to that.--Blue Donkey Kong 02:02, August 10, 2010 (UTC)

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