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An NPC in mist says this. Hold on a minute and I'll find the official quote from the DS release. I know in either the GBA or Super NES releases, a NPC says "Women, children and high-ranking callers were all lost in the fire". Drake Clawfang 22:19, 10 January 2009 (UTC)

looks like I have to eat my words at least as far as the SNES and gba version goes. i just checked a save file on my FFIV rom and sure enough there were no female or child NCPs. my save on my ds version is right before the bahamut cave and after that is the giant of babil so i wont be able to check that for a while, any way its not a huge deal, just one of those litte deatail that matters to an obbsesive fan and by extention some fiction writers anyhow thanks for info Drake. FinalFighterA+
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