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Pandaemonium/Etro's GateEdit

This might be a bit controversial but anyway: Is there any information anywhere in the Type-0 mythos that Etro's Gate is shaped like an eye or are we taking this as a reference to its appearance in the Lightning saga? Because if you choose the bad ending in Pandaemonium and return to the world map, Pandaemonium is depicted on the world map as a big red eye. Could this imply/mean that many of the eye like references in the game actually foreshadow Pandaemonium's appearance at Tempus Finis rather than Etros' Gate, which, from a gameplay perspective, you wouldn't know what it was supposed to look like unless you'd played the accompanying games. Or could maybe the big red eye looming over Pandaemonium actually be Type-0's interpretation of the real Gate? As an aside, Pandaemonium does share sort of architectural similarities with Valhalla and appears from another realm at the end of time... AdeusValcross (talk) 19:12, April 21, 2015 (UTC)

Actually, Pandaemonium is just Gala's "residence" and the place where to judge if Agito was born into the world. And because of Gala and Arecia searching for a way to open the gate but don't actually know where it is, I'd say Pandaemonium just reflects the location where they should succeed in finding it and thus the eye symbol. But I guess we will never know for sure unless the makers make an official statement regarding this.Twilit Nait (talk) 14:20, May 13, 2015 (UTC)
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