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You don't believe me? Ja, try to fight this guy in his "Defensive mode" without care, you'll pay a lot with his Meteor attack, well, I need to say that I don't like to use defensive spells, only if it's necesary (like the Red Dragon second version). I never think that he isn't gonna use Lv. ? Holy at the begining, when I thik I was going to kill him, BANG, Meteor kill almost all my party.

No, I don't believe you. If a Meteor spell is doing 7000+ damage, you either suck, or you're doing a low-level game. Drake Clawfang 02:30, September 22, 2010 (UTC)
Well, I could't defeat Kaiser Dragon until level 70+, so you have an idea in wich level I was. I'll explain explain my battle by ths way: I start battling Omega (like the third time I think, in my strategy it was hard, but not much) I was prepared to receive Lv. ? Holy, if it does any damage, but he doesn't (you can say that there is a posibility of 99% for use this magic attack), and he beggins to use a lot of Defensive and Support Spells, no attacks or Special attacks. It was hard to made damage in that case, but when he was at 50% of damage taken, BANG, so, as I told you before, I don't like to use Defensive spells, only it's necesary, if you have Mighty Guard, lucky, because I don't. If you wanna fight this guy like I did, be prepared to receive the almost Meteor of FFIV.
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