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Mismatched tagsEdit


The reason (because there is one) the two things have different tags is because enemies called Nix appear in multiple games, therefore we tag by game. Stiria is tagged as a boss because there are no other enemies called Stiria, and it notes that its a Boss article, but not her main article (which is Shiva (Final Fantasy XIII)).

Both tags make sense in their own right. Just because they are not consistent with each other changes nothing, they both follow their rules of tagging for their specific situation, which is not the same situation. "Hecatoncheir (Boss)" does not follow the rules. It doesn't even make sense as a tag because the boss in FFIII is called Hecatoncheir. Which is why we'd use an FFXIII tag instead.

But we use Brynhildr (boss) because there are no other instances of Brynhildr in the series, as a XIII (or XIII universe idk) exclusive thing, a FFXIII tag doesn't make sense, but a boss tag is the most descriptive way of doing it. 19:33, August 27, 2011 (UTC)

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