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About FFVII: this reactor is called "North Mako Reactor" by Barret in the first mission, and when calling out Barret later in the game, Cait Sith later says "Sector 1 Reactor" and that's the only time. "Sector 1 Mako Reactor" is also used by one NPC. In the news (AVALANCE Hideout), Shinra calls it the "No. 1 Reactor", and it is called this repeatedly on the train, and this is what it is called in the menu. All these uses are translated from the same term.

The other reactor is called "Sector 5 Reactor" twice in dialogue (including Barret's highlighted text), and the other time it is mentioned by Barret (on the train) it is called "No. 5 Reactor". It is the "No. 5 Reactor" in the menu.

There is precedence for "North Mako Reactor" -- because it's what the game files call it ("nrthmk"), also in dummed text the other reactor ("southmk") is 南魔晄炉破, but never actually in dialogue. So that's a weird thing.

For the No. 5 Reactor., Crisis Core uses "Mako Reactor 5" in dialogue, and "Mako Reactor #5" in the menu

Pretty sure DoC uses "Mako Reactor 0" for that one.

For some reason, OtWtaS uses "Mako Reactor One".

The Japanese name obviously doesn't specifically say the reactor belongs to Sector 1, which makes sense since reactors are situated between sectors.

For FFVII gameplay purposes we use "No. N Reactor". The articles should be moved to "Mako Reactor N". JBed (talk) 20:48, March 3, 2020 (UTC)

Grouping Sector 1 locations here[edit source]

From a gameplay perspective, the Mako Reactor 1 dungeon includes the station and other areas, but from a geographical perspective those places are in Sector 1. FFVII didn't explicitly have the concept of sub-areas so it was never an issue.

It's not entirely clear whether the Sector 1 Station in Crisis Core is the same as the one in VII, but it probably is because of its presumable close proximity to the Sector 8 fountain.

If it wasn't for Crisis Core (and assuming the Sector 1 plate never otherwise features in Remake), I would have suggested having Sector 1 explained on the Midgar article and redirecting to it. But it wouldn't make sense for Crisis Core when the reactor doesn't even appear in it, even if it may be the same station.

If we kept gameplay to per-game pages, this would be less of an issue. The Sector and Reactor articles could keep being geographically accurate, but both could still link to the same gameplay page for VIIR. JBed (talk) 10:19, March 4, 2020 (UTC)

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