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Down of Souls Edit

Where's the Final Fantasy I&II: Down of Souls logo?

Final Fantasy III Edit

Where's the FFIII logo? User:Zeromus X

Go to FF3's main page.

However, I've already added it for you. Hope that's not a problem. Diablocon

Nope, thanks! :) User:Zeromus X

The logo for FFXIII looks more like a lady transforming into a horse progressively to me rather than the current description. What do you think? - Pikazoom


I'm almost sure that the motif in Final Fantasy VII Logo is Holy, and not Meteor, as almost any website says, but i don't want to change it without consulting Shabook

zerobandwidth (talk) / 16:21, 31 January 2008 (UTC)

The most convincing analysis I have read (though I don't remember the source) is that the large sphere is the planet, the smaller sphere above it is the Meteor, and the streamers from the planet are the tendrils of the Lifestream that reach up toward the Meteor near the end of the story. You can see impressions of geographic features and clouds on the larger sphere that support this view. If the larger sphere was supposed to be Meteor, then it should have a much larger and differently-shaped tail, and the smaller sphere next to it wouldn't make any sense. I suppose only Amano knows for sure...

It has also been suggested that the linkpearl icon in Final Fantasy XI is actually a copy of the FFVII logo; however, a close look at the image file reveals that, though similar, the linkpearl really is just a shiny pearl.

Old SchoolEdit

Celes Chère menu
Hecko avatar

How about the KH logos? I know they're not spinoffs, but they are related to Final Fantasy. -- Drake


I'm not sure, but isn't the character on the FFIII logo actually the unnamed warrior drawn for the original NES release? Nakashimariku 18:53, 13 May 2009 (UTC)

Yeah. Luneth design was possibly partially based on the unnamed warrior but technically it's not him as Amano did the design way before the remake.Andres 19:22, 13 May 2009 (UTC)
Yes, Amano did design the unnamed warrior long before the DS re-released and is some what based on the him, more so when using te Onion Knight job. I would like it to be change soon, but I like a bit of back up on this. Blazelord

FF Origins Edit

Ffo logo
Where should I slap this on the page?Keltainentoukokuu 18:24, January 20, 2012 (UTC)
Well, obviously in the same place as all the other collections logos like Dawn of Souls... wait... they aren't on here.
As per the main page list, make a h2 section called "Collections"... somewhere.
I hate this page. The ordering irritates me. 18:50, January 20, 2012 (UTC)

Something Strange Edit

Sorrry If I gave you a question & i also look retarded....

I wonder why does SOME final fantasy logos

are typically strange(VI as III etc.)Just wondering....just asking why do they change it I am pretty confused...

IV and VI originally were brought over as II and III because the final fantasies in between (II, III, and V) weren't originally imported overseas. If people had seen Final Fantasy and then Final Fantasy IV, they would have wondered where the ones in between were. Eventually they decided to ditch the naming system (likely with the change in console of publishing from VI to VII), and the rest is history. Rereleases of games had their numbers changed properly to match, and eventually all of the missing numbers received releases overseas. Jimcloud 13:43, May 29, 2012 (UTC)

Clean-up Notice Edit

What does it ask one to do> "This article can be improved in areas such as cleaning up galleries by writing paragraphs for sections." ?? what does this mean ??Keltainentoukokuu (talk) 20:18, February 7, 2015 (UTC)

Request for Permission Edit

Hi, I know this is unrelated to everything else - but may I please have the permission to use the "Final Fantasy X | X-2: HD Remaster" title logo for a click-and-drag game(s) I want to make for Tumblr?

We do not own these images. You have to ask Square Enix, I think. Monterossa (talk) 03:06, February 14, 2016 (UTC)
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