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Lion Returns[edit source]

Actually, Lion can come back to Vana'diel, but only if the player has completed all the missions for the Rise Of The Zilart and the Chains Of Promathia expansions as well as the quests 'Storms of Fate' and 'Shadows Of The Departed'. Once those have all been completed, the player can perform the quest 'Apocalypse Nigh' in which they - and a few friends - can fight and defeat somewhat stronger versions of the Zilart princes Kam'lanaut and Eald'narche in the Empyreal Paradox area in order to avoid the Keeper of the Apocalypse from rising again. The majority of the cutscenes for this mission will show Prishe and Ulmia gathering their old comrades from before - including Jabbos the Galka, Shikaree Z, Tenzen, "Louverance", the player, and even the Chebukki brothers - while Esha'ntarl brings Zeid and Aldo to aid them as well. After which Ulmia will use her song to called the Keeper into being, only for specters of the Shadowlord, Nag'molada, and the Zilart princes to appear. During the cutscene that occurs before the fight starts, Lion will 'magically' appear and hover in the air, seemingly unconscious and tightly gripping a cone-shaped spire of what appears to be black magicite. It will dissolve into comet-like streaks of black light that immediately home in on the enemies and seemingly merge with them (which should explain why they're somewhat different in this fight). Unfortunately this causes the still unconscious Lion to fall towards the ground, only for Selh'teus to appear and catch her. In the cutscene following the fight's end, it's revealed that Lion appears to have been unharmed by her ordeal and that the few traces of Emptiness lingering on her should "cause nothing more than a few bad dreams". Prishe will realize that Lion was the one who carried her nightmare for her after recognizing her red hair and remind the player of the promise they shared. Should the player talk to FFXI's Gilgamesh - Lion's adoptive father - in Norg after speaking to Aldo in Lower Jeuno, he'll inform the player that Lion's okay and will pass on word of a strange creature that Lion's been seeing in her dreams. (This will officially complete the Apocalypse High quest - and net the player a very nice piece of Earring armor - as well as unlocking their access to the mission 'The Last Verse', the final mission for both the Rise Of The Zilart and the Chains Of Promathia expansions.)

The first link below is to a YouTube video of the two cutscenes that feature Lion's return in the Apocalypse Now quest. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the cutscenes of the conversation with Gilgamesh, but it's the only video I could find that both of the cutscenes with Lion in them.

The link below this is to the Apocalyspe Nigh Plot Detail page on the FFXIWiki, for comparison purposes.

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