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When exactly do you get the letter from Princess Sara? Is there anything you need to do first? RevanThe847th 01:23, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

What about the iOS/iPad/iPhone version? Can you still get Job Mastery items past the Ultima Weapon? I can't seem to find the Master Smith anymore after checking all these locations. I've unlocked Eureka, gotten the Ultima Weapon, etc.

Legendary smith in sasune[edit source]

Yeah, so i checked the mognet with ingus as the "avatar" an headed to sasune castle, strangely enough, i encountered the legendary smith the room right before princess sara's, and i talked to him/her and gave me an onion knight card(as far as i remember) and also gave me the onion blade. I thought t was a glitch or something, so i restarted the game, and thought of talking to sara first before the smith to save time and energy of course but the second time araound i went to sasune to talk to sara, the smith isn't there anymore. Must have been luck i guess?

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