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What Do These Abilities Do? Facky 21:46, 8 June 2009 (UTC)

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In line with would you like me to rearrange Tidus' and Yuna's tables on here as well so they fit in with the rest of the article? I'll be handling the Weapons list too. Tia-LewiseRydia - Young battle.png 10:59, June 15, 2012 (UTC)

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Armor Models[edit source]

List of model associated with names, the article should follow the same style has the weapons article. The only missing armor are the store bought armor/pre-customized armor. See Unknown section for them.

Image Tidus's Armor
FFX Armor - Shield 1.png Buckler, Shield, Seeker's Shield, Magic Shield, Pearl Shield, Metal Shield
FFX Armor - Shield 2.png Glorious Shield, Warrior's Shield, Sorcery Shield, Onyx Shield, Silver Shield, Mage's Shield, Soldier Shield, Emerald Shield, Gold Shield, Mythril Shield, Tetra Shield, Adept's Shield, Wizard Shield, Knight's Shield, Sapphire Shield, Platinum Shield, Protect Shield, Shell Shield, Reflect Shield, Haste Shield, Regen Shield, Moon Shield, Marching Shield, Star Shield, Shining Shield, Spiritual Shield, Recovery Shield, Assault Shield, Shield of Hope
FFX Armor - Shield 3.png NulFrost Shield, NulShock Shield, NulBlaze Shield, NulTide Shield, Blue Shield, Yellow Shield, White Shield, Red Shield, Cerulean Shield, Ochre Shield, Snow Shield, Crimson Shield, Elemental Shield, Barrier Shield, Rainbow Shield, Phantom Shield, Aegis Shield, Crystal Shield
FFX Armor - Shield 4.png Bright Shield, Echo Shield, Alert Shield, Serum Shield, Soft Shield, Blessed Shield, Soul Shield, Light Shield, Serene Shield, Lucid Shield, Medical Shield, Savior Shield, Shaman Shield, Faerie Shield, Curative Shield, Phoenix Shield, Paladin Shield, Rescue Shield, Revive Shield, Golem Shield
FFX Armor - Shield 5.png Peaceful Shield, Treasure Shield, Collector's Shield, Magister Shield, Dynasty Shield, Ruby Shield, Diamond Shield, Emblem, Genji Shield, Sanctuary, Endless Road
Image Yuna's Armor
FFX Armor - Ring 1.png Tetra Ring, Onyx Ring, Pearl Ring, Adept's Ring, Wide Ring
FFX Armor - Ring 2.png Sophia Ring, Aegis Ring, Phantom Ring, Rainbow Ring, Barrier Ring, Elemental Ring, Crimson Ring, Snow Ring, Ochre Ring, Cerulean Ring, Red Ring, White Ring, Yellow Ring, Blue Ring, NulTide Ring, NulBlaze Ring, NulShock Ring, NulFrost Ring
FFX Armor - Ring 3.png Forbidding Ring, Faerie Ring, Defending Ring, Medical Ring, Lucid Ring, Serene Ring, Light Ring, Soul Ring, Blessed Ring, Soft Ring, Serum Ring, Alert Ring, Echo Ring, Bright Ring
FFX Armor - Ring 4.png Diamond Ring, Ruby Ring, Fortitude Ring, Magical Ring, Ring of Hope, Assault Ring, Recovery Ring, Spiritual Ring, Phoenix Ring, Curative Ring, Shining Ring, Shaman Ring, Star Ring, Marching Ring, Moon Ring, Regen Ring, Haste Ring, Reflect Ring, Shell Ring, Protect Ring, Platinum Ring, Sapphire Ring, Power Ring, Wizard Ring
FFX Armor - Ring 5.png Solomon Ring, Holy Ring, Peaceful Ring, Arcane Ring, Mythical Ring, Healing Ring, Collector Ring, Treasure Ring
Unknown Model Mythril Ring, Gold Ring, Emerald Ring, Soldier's Ring, Mage's Ring, Silver Ring, Sorcery Ring, Tough Ring, Glorious Ring, Metal Ring, Magic Ring, Seeker's Ring, Ring
Image Auron's Armor
FFX Armor - Bracer 1.png Tetra Bracer, Adept's Bracer, Onyx Bracer, Pearl Bracer, Bracer
FFX Armor - Bracer 2.png Undefeated, Star Bracer, Shining Bracer, Faerie Bracer, Marching Bracer, Moon Bracer, Regen Bracer, Haste Bracer, Reflect Bracer, Shell Bracer, Protect Bracer, Defending Bracer, Medical Bracer, Lucid Bracer, Serene Bracer, Light Bracer, Soul Bracer, Blessed Bracer, Soft Bracer, Serum Bracer, Alert Bracer, Echo Bracer, Bright Bracer
FFX Armor - Bracer 3.png Glutton, Resistant, Phantom Bracer, Rainbow Bracer, Barrier Bracer, Elemental Bracer, Crimson Bracer, Snow Bracer, Ochre Bracer, Cerulean Bracer, Red Bracer, White Bracer, Yellow Bracer, Blue Bracer, NulBlaze Bracer, NulFrost Bracer, NulShock Bracer, NulTide Bracer
FFX Armor - Bracer 4.png Overlord, Solidity, Genji Bracer, Dragon Lord, Assault Bracer, Warder, Immortal, Healer, Diamond Bracer, Ruby Bracer, Battle Bracer, Magical Bracer, Collector Bracer, Treasure Bracer, Bracer of Hope, Recovery Bracer, Spiritual Bracer, Phoenix Bracer, Curative Bracer, Peaceful Bracer, Shaman Bracer
Unknown Model Platinum Bracer, Sapphire Bracer, Warrior's Bracer, Wizard Bracer, Mythril Bracer, Gold Bracer, Emerald Bracer, Soldier's Bracer, Mage's Bracer, Silver Bracer, Sorcery Bracer, Warrior's Bracer, Glorious Bracer, Metal Bracer, Magic Bracer, Seeker's Bracer, Guardian Bracer
Image Wakka's Armor
FFX Armor - Armguard 1.png
FFX Armor - Armguard 2.png Tetra Armguard, Benchwarmer, Triple Save, Recovery Armguard, Spiritual Armguard, Last-Ditch, Pep Talk, Auto Armguard, Danger Armguard, Second Wind, Fast Break, Reflect Armguard, Shell Armguard, Protect Armguard, Platinum Armguard, Sapphire Armguard, Power Armguard, Energy Armguard, Adept's Armguard
FFX Armor - Armguard 3.png Final Four, Great Four, Element Save, Miracle Save, Hat Trick, Elemental Armguard, Crimson Armguard, Snow Armguard, Ochre Armguard, Cerulean Armguard, Red Armguard, White Armguard, Yellow Armguard, Blue Armguard, NulTide Armguard, NulBlaze Armguard, NulShock Armguard, NulFrost Armguard
FFX Armor - Armguard 4.png The Guardian, Automatic, First Aid, Keeper, Miracle Comeback, Top Shape, Triple Guard, Shaman Armguard, Low Risk, Medical Armguard, Lucid Armguard, Serene Armguard, Light Armguard, Soul Armguard, Blessed Armguard, Soft Armguard, Serum Armguard, Alert Armguard, Echo Armguard, Bright Armguard
FFX Armor - Armguard 5.png Indomitable, Shutout, Super Goalie, High Spirits, Diamond Armguard, Ruby Armguard, Power Ace, Magic Ace, Best Play, Great Play, Off-Season
Unknown Model Mythril Armguard, Gold Guard, Emerald Guard, Soldier's Guard, Mage's Guard, Silver Guard, Sorcery Armguard, Warrior's Armguard, Glorious Guard, Metal Armguard, Pearl Armguard, Magic Armguard, Seeker's Armguard, Guardian Armguard, Armguard
Image Kimahri's Armor
FFX Armor - Armlet 1.png Tetra Armlet, Adept's Armlet
FFX Armor - Armlet 2.png Diamond Armlet, Ruby Armlet, Enhanced Armlet, Magical Armlet, Star Armlet, Assault Armlet, Phoenix Armlet, Curative Armlet, Rainbow Armlet, Shining Armlet, Faerie Armlet, Peaceful Armlet, Shaman Armlet, Moon Armlet, Marching Armlet, Regen Armlet, Haste Armlet, Reflect Armlet, Shell Armlet, Protect Armlet, Platinum Armlet, Sapphire Armlet, Knight's Armlet, Wizard Armlet
FFX Armor - Armlet 3.png Phantom Armlet, Barrier Armlet, Elemental Armlet, Crimson Armlet, Snow Armlet, Ochre Armlet, Cerulean Armlet, Red Armlet, White Armlet, Yellow Armlet, Blue Armlet, NulTide Armlet, NulBlaze Armlet, NulShock Armlet, NulFrost Armlet
FFX Armor - Armlet 4.png Ronso Armlet, Collector Armlet, Treasure Armlet, Armlet of Hope, Defending Armlet, Medical Armlet, Lucid Armlet, Serene Armlet, Light Armlet, Soul Armlet, Blessed Armlet, Soft Armlet, Serum Armlet, Alert Armlet, Echo Armlet, Bright Armlet
FFX Armor - Armlet 5.png Pride of the Ronso, Acropolis, Genji Armlet, Sage's Armlet, Crystal Armlet, Aegis Armlet, Adamantite, Orichalcum, Safe Passage, Recovery Armlet, Spiritual Armlet
Unknown Model Mythril Armlet, Gold Armlet, Emerald Armlet, Soldier's Armlet, Mage's Armlet, Silver Armlet, Onyx Armlet, Sorcery Armlet, Warrior's Armlet, Glorious Armlet, Metal Armlet, Pearl Armlet, Magic Armlet, Seeker's Armlet, Guardian Armlet, Armlet
Image Lulu's Armor
FFX Armor - Bangle 1.png Tetra Bangle, Adept's Bangle
FFX Armor - Bangle 2.png Phantom Bangle, Rainbow Bangle, Barrier Bangle, Elemental Bangle, Crimson Bangle, Snow Bangle, Ochre Bangle, Cerulean Bangle, Red Bangle, White Bangle, Yellow Bangle, Blue Bangle, NulTide Bangle, NulBlaze Bangle, NulShock Bangle, NulFrost Bangle
FFX Armor - Bangle 3.png Black Ribbon, Faerie Bangle, Savior Bangle, Medical Bangle, Lucid Bangle, Serene Bangle, Light Bangle, Soul Bangle, Blessed Bangle, Soft Bangle, Serum Bangle, Alert Bangle, Echo Bangle, Bright Bangle
FFX Armor - Bangle 4.png Diamond Bangle, Ruby Bangle, Queen's Bangle, Magister Bangle, Bangle of Hope, Assault Bangle, Recovery Bangle, Spiritual Bangle, Phoenix Bangle, Curative Bangle, Shining Bangle, Shaman Bangle, Star Bangle, Marching Bangle, Moon Bangle, Regen Bangle, Haste Bangle, Reflect Bangle, Shell Bangle, Protect Bangle, Platinum Bangle, Sapphire Bangle, Power Bangle, Wizard Bangle
FFX Armor - Bangle 5.png Samantha Soul, Eternity, Minerva Bangle, Mythical Bangle, Draupnir, Aegis Bangle, Precious Bangle, Imperial Bangle, Auto Bangle, Collector Bangle, Treasure Bangle, Peaceful Bangle
Unknown Model Mythril Bangle, Gold Bangle, Emerald Bangle, Vita Bangle, Mage's Bangle, Silver Bangle, Onyx Bangle, Sorcery Bangle, Tough Bangle, Glorious Bangle, Tough Bangle, Glorious Bangle, Metal Bangle, Pearl Bangle, Magic Bangle, Seeker's Bangle, Guardian Bangle, Bangle
Image Riku's Armor
FFX Armor - Targe 1.png Tetra Targe, Centurion, Echelon, Knight's Targe, Wizard Targe, Adept's Targe
FFX Armor - Targe 2.png Diamond Targe, Ruby Targe, Warlord, Dominator, Phantom Targe, Peaceful Targe, Victorious, Phalanx, Elemental Targe, Crimson Targe, Snow Targe, Ochre Targe, Cerulean Targe, Red Targe, White Targe, Yellow Targe, Blue Targe, NulTide Targe, NulBlaze Targe, NulShock Targe, NulFrost Targe
FFX Armor - Targe 3.png Assault Targe, Recovery Targe, Spiritual Targe, Phoenix Targe, Shaman Targe, Star Targe, Marching Targe, Moon Targe, Regen Targe, Haste Targe, Reflect Targe, Shell Targe, Protect Targe, Tercio, Reliant, Medical Targe, Lucid Targe, Dauntless, Light Targe, Soul Targe, Blessed Targe, Soft Targe, Serum Targe, Alert Targe, Echo Targe, Bright Targe
FFX Armor - Targe 4.png Dreadnought, Impervious, Atlas, Celestial, Triumph, Intrepid, Goliath, Argonaut, Buccaneer, Corsair, Targe of Hope
Unknown Model Mythril Targe, Gold Targe, Emerald Targe, Soldier's Targe, Mage's Targe, Silver Targe, Onyx Targe, Sorcery Targe, Warrior's Targe, Glorious Targe, Metal Targe, Pearl Targe, Magic Targe, Seeker's Targe, Guardian Targe, Targe
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