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Meteor Impact[edit source]

Why I doubt it is intended to be an Astral War event is that it seems like a massive omission to never mention it in any account the game gives of the Astral War, namely the Cosmogony and Shiva's story of Ifrit in the added Ch12 scene. Wouldn't that be the main event people would remember about the war? Titan is depicted to have fought in the Astral War in Shiva's Ch12 story, and it is implied the Founder King forged covenants with all Astrals so he should have been able to summon Titan. However, the Titan who holds the Meteor, and the Titan Noctis summons, are not the "same" Titan. The Titan in the Cauthess has only one eye, and seems bigger than the summon Titan. Shiva also shows that she can be in various bodies at once, so maybe it is not impossible for Titan to hold the Meteor and fight in the Astral War and be summoned by the Founder King all at the same time.

It is contrived but it's odd how poorly they have included the Meteor in the overall story, considering they then decided to use it for a major plot device as an infinite energy source. There is 2014 Famitsu article that gives details of the upcoming game that says the Meteor has been there "since the dawn of time," but that is if course a very old source and the game itself says nothing about it.

Fan theory: the Meteor is totally the crystal of another planet in the Final Fantasy multiverse! That's why it's an infinite energy source (it contains "souls") and that's why the monsters that Starscourge mutates become Final Fantasy series's typical monsters: flan, tonberries, iron giants, goblins. FFVII and FFIX show that the planet can be discarded and the crystal/lifestream alone taken to space.Keltainentoukokuu (talk) 16:54, December 8, 2017 (UTC)

Unspecified Time Period past May 16th, 756 +/- Dawn of the Future[edit source]

Noticed that a history of the edits on this page shows that dates and events were removed on the grounds of no canonical source of when they happen due to camping and the day/night cycle allowing the story to extend a (potentially ridiculous) amount, in addition to the in-game timeskips between certain story points.

I raise the question of the validity of the King's Knight banter between the Chocobros, as those are shown to have specific dates. Most of the banter occurs before the prologue/Chapter 1 of the game, but a line about Prompto wanting to show pictures to a "someone" implied to be Lunafreya is dated at late June, putting the arrival at Altissia as after that and possibly in July. [Dizzymoogle @ Tumblr has a post] outlining the banter in relation to the timeline here though the post looks like a work in progress and the note about Prompto referring to Lunafreya is "pure speculation".

Other than that I'm curious of the initial inclusion of what are events from the Dawn of the Future novel added into the Timeline page. What's the opinion on how canon it is with regard to the main events of the story? Should we wait for the English release of the novel?

Morgan Evans (talk) 01:50, June 17, 2019 (UTC)

As long as it is shown where the date comes from it's okay to add. If the date is not mentioned outright in the game or elsewhere, but is worked out with circumstantial "evidence", then just explain how in a footnote or something (but no guesswork please). The only date mentioned in FFXV is in the newspaper you get at Galdin Quay, and then from then on it is just "several weeks later" etc and the later newspapers you find in the train don't have dates, radio doesn't mention any dates. As far as I know Episode Prompto doesn't mention what day it is currently, either. Guess they thought that the timeline needs to be fluid. FFVII and FFIX have official timelines even if you can likewise stay at an inn a million times and waste time doing whatever, but they don't have day and night cycles so I guess it is easier to think time does not really pass.
That King's Knight banter date seems valid! They stop playing the game after the Altissia events, and Ignis no longer cooks, and they talked about him cooking in the last King's Knight exchange.
The events in Ardyn's and Aranea chapter events seem to take place in the same timeline as the main game, so I think things mentioned in them can be added to the main timeline. Guess alternate timelines could be in the timeline too, just separately. Basically just the 766 timeline.Keltainentoukokuu (talk) 08:42, June 17, 2019 (UTC)

I have never played Comrades, but I keep hearing it takes place 6 months after Ch13 of the main game? Is this very unambiguously stated? Because 6months+ would push it to M.E. 757.Keltainentoukokuu (talk) 09:24, June 17, 2019 (UTC)

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