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[13:20:34] <Henryacores> Post this on discussion page Jimmy: <ol>/<li>-based listing with image galleries on bottom of sections.

Done. Jimcloud Cloud Chocobo.png 18:23, February 1, 2011 (UTC)

These galleries are enormous, and SE cheated by having close to NO pallette swaps. So since we only have like, 2 different images per section in uncommon cases, I suggest we apply an exception to this list and list the enemies using the sytle from Weapon type pages like Sword or Instrument. - Henryacores^ 18:47, February 1, 2011 (UTC)

According to a counting, we have 193 images for all the enemies of FFXI excluding Beastmen. - Henryacores^ 19:33, February 1, 2011 (UTC)
And Final Bosses/Humanoids/things that you don't normally encounter. I stopped counting after "Archaic Machines". Jimcloud Cloud Chocobo.png 19:34, February 1, 2011 (UTC)

quick question, if we're using this page to list enemies should there be a distinction on tis list for NMs and normal mobs?

also, if we're doing it here might I suggest we do away with the lists on each species' main page?

tho, I think a gallery for subspecies belongs on both pages --Spira 07:02, February 14, 2011 (UTC)

list template idea[edit source]

ok so I prolly shda discussed this with u Jim since you're making the most active changes on these list pages... I really like the list format you're adopting as opposed to the pages upon pages of dead images but kinda felt that there wasn't enough distinction made between normal mobs and NMs on this list (as opposed to those lists on species pages that already exist as double work)... and between different sub-species in general.

For an example of what I'd think is a more comprehensive approach, i guess you could look at what I did for Behemoth and Buffalos on this page. sub-species aren't so obvious for these 2 mobs but with species like mandragora it does make a huge difference. still it could get pretty messy when you consider there are 3-4 subfamilies and some sub-species only have 1 mob.

if you don't agree with my stand i guess you could go ahead and revert them, but i'd implore you to make a distinction at least between normal and NM mobs in that list - partly in hopes that we'll get to getting some important NM pages done, and also because from an FFXI player and bestiary enthusiast PoV it is a glaring lack of differentiation.

as for mob images, thats somewhat my forte. as resident gfx data-miner for ffxi i think i have the most complete lists for viewers to grab pics of mobs, so I will be replacing old, misrepresented or ugly pics of mobs and add new ones for various subspecies. Only problem i have at the moment is something about some MIME-type not matching for the bunch of pics I tried to replace thus far..

Any help would be great, otherwise I'll just upload new images and work with those instead.. --Spira 21:04, February 14, 2011 (UTC)

Here's my take on this. While I think that differentiating between regular and Notorious Monsters is a good idea, I wonder if the sheer number of monsters in a subspecies (or lack thereof)t makes it worth it to denote different subspecies. One thing I am sure I do not like is the splitting up of the galleries between subspecies of the same monster type. It lengthens the page unnecessarily. I think that the galleries of monsters can remain the same, and if you're not intelligent enough to look at the list of monster pictures with labels and figure out which is which.. well...
So, to simplify:
  • Differentiating between regular and Notorious Monsters - Yes
  • Differentiating between subspecies - Maybe
  • Change to the Gallery - No
Now, on the subject of images. I've just been stealing images from FFXIclopedia and putting them on there. Most of the images I've uploaded are in no way important to me, and I heavily recommend you replace them where you can. I do recomment keeping the same format, though. I've been doing File:Mandragora 2 (FFXI), as an example, for subspecies. Whoever uploaded all the original XI pictures used this format, so to keep everything unified, this is what I go with. and yes, I'd appreciate it if you uploaded new pictures to overwrite any with backgrounds, with no background and transparency, if it's possible. I'm still working on the list, despite what it may look like, and I'll try to get as much done as I can. I will be uploading more pictures as time goes on, but feel free to reupload better versions if you find any. Jimcloud Cloud Chocobo.png 21:31, February 14, 2011 (UTC)
thats a pretty good point on the subspecies..

I'll start working on new transparent background mob pics. Will need to upload entirely new ones since jpg doesn't support transparency. I personally like transparent tho. Works better everywhere. Would make it easier for me to upload them, to say the least. --Spira 22:31, February 14, 2011 (UTC)

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