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Removing the blurb about there being "11 deactivated servers" in the history of the game from the "Allusions to the Number 11" section. While it was true at one point that 11 servers had been shut down due to inactivity, as of 2012 at least 19 official servers have stopped use, in addition to at least 6 other beta servers with villain names (such as the Zande server mentioned in the article).

This link provides direct evidence. BWYuko 20:11, July 5, 2012 (UTC)

o yay i'm glad someone decided to update the server page. i saw that before but have so much on my plate in terms of adding FFXI related stuff here. I'm quite glad you got rid of that blurb. FFXI doesn't have that many allusions to the number eleven to be honest and of the ones that remain, i think only the COR one is really relevant. i must admire Levi's effort tho. XI didn't have an allusion page until 3 weeks ago, but you can kinda tell he doesn't play XI to know this stuff for sure.
XI is also chockful of references to external things.. off the top of my head, jurassic park, charmed, zerowing, operation desert storm ,etc. a lot of play on names.. especially in BC and mission names. i'm sure they'd more than fill up the page.. i might contribute some more after clearing other XI articles.. :( --Spira 20:56, July 5, 2012 (UTC)
No problem; updating this and the server page took only a few minutes. But yeah, since the game actively receives new content that must be translated from Japanese into NTSC/PAL/other languages, the localization teams always look for clever ways to portray the message to their respective audiences. The English team in particular throws a lot of pop culture and silly punning around, such as the wonderful BNCM names you mention, and general NPC dialogue. I'll add things as I remember them, as I have for the other allusion pages. BWYuko 21:13, July 7, 2012 (UTC)

Removed the tidbit from FFVII "Hojo" Hojo, or Hojou is the practice of disabling or slowing down an enemy by using ropes and hooks by the hooks digging into skin/clothes, The tools in XI and in real life are called Kaginawa which are the ropes/hooks. Therefore this is not a reference to Hojo from VII

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