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If anyone is interested, I have a PDF download of "Fragments Before" containing all the stories and some info on characters, terms, and locations from FFXIII and XIII-2. User:FFfangirl 7:05 p.m., December 14, 2013

I've decided to try translating it! Wish me luck! Progress here:  mecorx (talk) - 01:02, Jun 15, 2013Microchu ATB 

Additional InformationEdit

It's awesome to see that the page is being updated. Some thoughts, though:

Snow meets up with Sazh, Dajh and Hope after leaving New Bodhum. He met Sazh and Dajh on a departure platform for the Gran Pulse-Cocoon commuter flight route, where Sazh now works.

  • He actually meets Rygdea too.

Snow decided to have a fresh start with Serah and overwrite her painful memories with new ones, as though no one's memories were overwritten by Lightning's disappearance.

  • Mmm, I wouldn't say it's that he wants to make it "as though no one's memories were overwritten by Lightning's disappearance." I think he just wants to make her forget about the painful things.

Snow learns that some monsters on Gran Pulse act as companions to humans and protect them.

  • I think this just something that Snow hypothesizes, rather than something he knows for sure. Even though the cactuar protects him, the behavior may not apply to monsters since it's a fal'Cie.

After Cocoon's fal'Cie fall into hibernation, the Pulse fal'Cie stopped attacking people, disproving Fang's belief of fal'Cie branding people l'Cie on sight.

  • Snow seems to suggest that fal'Cie behavior was altered by the same force that altered the memories/perceptions of humans

The l'Cie's entire journey was recorded, except the events in the Fifth Ark, on Gran Pulse, and in Orphan's Cradle.

  • I think Rosch was just documenting the events surrounding the l'Cie incidents from his own/PSICOM's perspective.

 mecorx (talk) - 03:03, Jul 03, 2013 Microchu ATB 

People being able to use magic is mentioned by an NPC in the actual game itself... near the beginning by the woman who was a part of Snow's group.

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