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Propositions from the bars of the cities, which can win bonus stuff and become a treasure hunter.

Changed the entry on Orlandu from "most" to "some" thinking he removes all challenge, to make it less biased.

Trap of the bandits (in Dorter Trade City)
Testimony of ex-miner (in Gariland Magic City)
Orders of coast guard (Gariland Magic City)
Girl at gulg volcano (Igros Castle)
Salvage the trade ship!, Zaland embassy, Win the zaland fight! (the 3 in Zaland Fort City)
My little carrot (Lionel Castle)
Vacancy! (Goug Machine City)

Black Cat, Blue Materia, Book of Enavia, Calcobrina, Chocobo Cannon, Diary of Nanai, Four Gods Set, Longibunne Spear, M-Fiction Novel, Magical Gun, Minu Orb, Parasite Tree, Rat Tail, Red Materia, Statue of Lylis, Tarot of Ben, Tobacco Pipe, White Materia, Wyuvle, Zeni-Sword, ...

Unexplored Land:
Mirage Tower, Magic Continent, ...

minor bonus:
Payment, Gil Bag, Adamantite, Iron Ore, Mythril Stone

Alicia and Lavian[edit source]

I'm planing to create an article about Alicia and Lavian, the Agrias' Knight, but I don't know where to put it (Playable characters?) --Nubecielo 17:28, 26 December 2007 (UTC)


Complete References to other FFs[edit source]

Final Fantasy I[edit source]

  • Wonders: Mirage Tower, Fortress of Trials, Matoya Cave, Shrine of Chaos
  • Artefacts: Rat's Tail

Final Fantasy II[edit source]

  • Wonders: Pandaemonium, Semitt Falls, Shrine of Chaos (Jade)
  • Artefacts: Minu Orb

Final Fantasy III[edit source]

  • Wonders: Forbidden Land Eureka, Crystal Tower, Falgabard, Tozus Village
  • Errands: Enterprise, Yggdrasil (World Tree), Chocobo Restaurant Gisahl
  • Other: Salonia (Materia), Unei (in proposition "Endless Caverns")

Final Fantasy IV[edit source]

  • Wonders: Tower of Babel, Castle of Trials, Chocobo Forest
  • Artefacts: Lugae, Calcobrena, Rat's Tail
  • Errands: Enterprise, Anna and Gilbert (Edward), Assault Door ("Minimum's Melancholy")

Final Fantasy V[edit source]

  • Wonders: Ronkan Ruins
  • Artefacts: Excalipoor
  • Other: Almagest spell, Boco, Byblos, Apanda, Mossfungus (Mossfungus is an enemy in the last dungeon)

Final Fantasy VI[edit source]

  • Wonders: Phantom Train, Floating Continent
  • Errands: Setzer, Blackjack

Final Fantasy VII[edit source]

  • Artefacts: Materia, St. Elmo's Fire (attack used by Ghost Ships)
  • Errands: Black-caped man (Nightwalker in FFT:TWOTL), Highwind
  • Multiplayer Missions: Teioh the chocobo
  • Other: Cloud and Aerith, Adamantainmai (mentioned in a work history, it's an enemy near Wutai), Heaven's Cloud katana (Cloud's blade in FFVII)

Final Fantasy XII[edit source]

  • Other: Balthier

Final Fantasy Tactics A2[edit source]

  • Other: Luso


Reorganization[edit source]

BlueHighwind TA.png
BlueHighwind TA.png

More Gameshark NPC Jobs[edit source]

This guide lists lots more NPCs available through Gameshark codes: NPC Class FAQ. Only a few are mentioned on the wiki on the respective character's pages, but clearly there are more than just those few. -- 13:25, October 6, 2010 (UTC)

The Trivia about songs similitudes between KH2[edit source]

Here are the two songs

[[Video:Kingdom Hearts II - Crossing the Finish Line|thumb|300px|right]] [[Video:Final Fantasy Tactics OST - World Map|thumb|300px|right]]

The similarity between this two songs is so great as to be included in the section?

I think KH2's song is not inspired in FFT World Map. I would choose to remove it from the Trivia section. --Nubecielo 15:47, December 31, 2010 (UTC)


Updating Articles with Technical Info[edit source]


Links to the Real World?[edit source]

At least once in the game they make reference to "the black death" (see: Delita.) Does the game go any further into this? As every time it shows up on this site, it links to the Wikipedia black plague. Im not sure what all this is supposed to mean, but i feel the curious nature of it, once examined should be very much worth metnioning, even if only under the Trivia section.
If I'm wrong and it references fully ingame events, however, an article on the subject should replace any offsite links regarding the event. But I cant figure out which its supposed to be so as of right now, it feels like a big blotch of confusion. 01:04, September 10, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah, it's the real Black Death. If I remember correctly, the game is based on or inspired by the real life War of the Roses.

Stop me if im the only one who thinks this should be on the page.[edit source]

Oracle / Mediator
Mystic / Orator

Med|iator - Consonant, Vowel, Consonant
Mys|tic - Consonant, Vowel, Consonant

Oracle - ORA+3 (cle)
Orator - ORA+3 (tor)
This is not a coincidence. Square and Squenix after it love to do this, its a pattern in almost all their games. Though this one isnt as obvious as scarMIgLiON. Id gladly do the rest of them (it really does happen like this a disturbingly large amount of the time) but only if its actually wanted/cared about/appropriate for the site.

Cause its a lot of trouble if I'm the only one who cares, which may very well be the case. I have a lot of free time and have gone quite mad. (actually have a bad fever, and thus zero inhibitions. Ive been wanting to ad this for months.)

I cant recall what my point was. Oh well itsi n there somewhere. 12:19, September 24, 2011 (UTC)

what is this i don't even - Henryacores^ 18:20, September 24, 2011 (UTC)
Scarmiglione has an 'e' on the end, and even setting that aside, I can't see what you're trying to say about his name. Anyway, it's almost certainly a coincidence, because it's not like SE invented any of those words, and I also doubt they'd go out of their way to choose names just for such a 'pattern'. For that matter, SE would probably be more likely to make an obscure pattern with the corresponding Japanese names, not the English ones. Consider yourself stopped*(...and I don't mean that unkindly. You did invite us to 'stop you') -- Sorceror Nobody Flan.PNG 19:15, September 24, 2011 (UTC)

so...[edit source]

Is this game a remake of FFT? TugaKnight


Well... I'm not an native english speaker?TugaKnight




lagging?[edit source]

The PSP version seems worse than the PS1. Night Sword animation lags for 9 seconds. So did casting magic. I lurked the net to learn about this, I do not own the PSP vers FYI. Bluerダヨ 13:40, 11 May 2007 (UTC)

Is this with legit versions? I heard about this problem with downloaded versions. Diablocon 13:41, 11 May 2007 (UTC)
It's the legit ones bought in Japan. They had Youtube videos and made comparisons. I just saw a 7 second lag in the PS1 version when All-Ultima was casted. Imagine that in the PSP! Bluerダヨ 14:03, 11 May 2007 (UTC)
Grah! Man, Squenix are so damn lazy about their ports. Just look at FFVI for God's sake! All it would take is just a LITTLE work, then it would not lag so much. And if the PSP can't even handle FTT, it's worse than I ever anticipated. --Auron Kaizer 15:35, 11 May 2007 (UTC)

english title[edit source]


Cloud Strife[edit source]

Gorgonero Doc.png

I have a few questions.1. How late in the game will Balthier join you?, 2. How big is his role?. Could this be the same Balthier from FF12 (even though this takes place a millenium later)?


It says on wikipedia, he is labeled a heretic by the church. And is after Galabados treasure


Yes, but it does give some hints to his role

How many uinits can you take into battle? August 27, 2007

In my opinion Diablocon should be more polite in his posts (especially to guests) As a person's demeanor can often be mistaken for hostility.


In my opinion Diablocon should be more polite in his posts (especially to guests) As a person's demeanor can often be mistaken for hostility. August 28, 2007

It was not just flaws in posting style that Diablocon criticized. I believe he felt somewhat uneasy that a guest had new unknown information. Diablocon asked the guest to find that info, and he found it all by himself. August 28, 2007


That new info provided has not been added to Balthier's page. May I have your permission to add it? August 28, 2007

I would also like to add the info that you can take 5 units into battle, which was a question that was also asked. AUgust 28, 2007


Thank you very much. I do believe that it may have been better to have said that when the question about Balthier's role was asked. Also I am reasonably sure that you can take 5 units into battle. August 28, 2007

In the old edit it says Balthier joins in chapter 4, but in the new edit it says he joins in chapter 2. Is there a reason for this difference? 13:40 2007 August 28

Dissidia Sephiroth ex.png
Dissidia Sephiroth ex.png

Balthier[edit source]


Name Conversion[edit source]

---Game Mechanics--------------------------------------------------------------
[1998 PSone translation]      [2007 PSP translation]
Brave                         Bravery
Propositions                  Errands
Treasure (from Prop.s)        Artefacts
Unexplored Land               Wonders of the Ancient World
Strengthen: (equipment)       Boosts:
Cancel: (equipment)           Immune:

Transparent                   Invisible
Darkness                      Blind
Petrify                       Stone
Frog                          Toad
Don't Move                    Immobilize
Don't Act                     Disable
Blood Suck                    Vampire
Death Sentence                Doom
Invitation                    Traitor
Innocent                      Atheist

[1998 PSone translation]      [2007 PSP translation]

Adramelk                      Adrammelech
Alazlam J.D.                  Arazlam Durai
Algus Sadalfas                Argath Thadalfus
Alphons Draclau               Alphonse Delacroix
Altima                        Ultima
Balbanes Beoulve              Barbaneth Beoulve
Balk Fenzol                   Barich Fendsor
Balmafula Lanandu             Valmafra Lenande
Besrodio Bunanza              Besrudio Bunansa
Bestrada Larg                 Bestrald Larg
Beowulf Kadmus                Beowulf Cadmus
Buremonda                     Bremondt
Cidolfas Orlandu              Cidolfus Orlandeau
Delita Hyral                  Delita Heiral
Druksmald Goltana             Druksmald Goltanna
Elidibs                       Elidibus
Gaff Gafgarion                Goffard Gaffgarion
Gelkanis Barinten             Gerrith Barrington
Golagros Levine               Gragoroth Levigne
Gustav Margueriff             Gustav Margriff
Hashmalum                     Hashmal
Izlude Tingle                 Isilud Tengille
Kletian Drowa                 Cletienne Duroi
Lede                          Lettie
Malak Galthana                Marach Galthena
Marge Funeral                 Marcel Funebris
Mesdoram Elmdor               Messam Elmdore
Miluda Folles                 Milleuda Folles
Mustadio Bunanza              Mustadio Bunansa
Olan Durai                    Orran Durai
Omdolia Atkascha              Ondoria Atkascha
Orinas Atkascha               Orinus Atkascha
Professor Bordam Daravon      Master Darlavon
Queklain                      Cuchulainn
Rad                           Ladd
Rafa Galthana                 Rapha Galthena
Reis Dular                    Reis Duelar
Rofel Wodring                 Loffrey Wodring
Rudvich Bart                  Ludovich Baert
Ruvelia Atkascha              Louveria Atkascha
Simon Pen Rakshu              Simon Penn-Lachish
Sinogue                       Syneugh
Teta Hyral                    Tietra Heiral
Velius                        Belias
Vicks                         Biggs
Vormav Tingel                 Folmarv Tengille
Worker 8                      Construct 8
Zalbag Beoulve                Zalbaag Beoulve
Zalmo Rusnada                 Zalmour Lucianada

Hokuten Knights               Order of the Northern Sky
Nanten Knights                Order of the Southern Sky
Death Corps                   Corpse Brigade
Bart Company                  Baert Company
Temple Knights                Knights Templar
Black Sheep Knights           Blackram Knights
Lion's War                    War of the Lions
Mosfungus                     Mossfungus

The Manipulator & the         The Manipulative & the
  Subservient                   Subservient
Somebody to Love              In the Name of Love

[1998 PSone translation]      [2007 PSP translation]

Ygros Castle                  Eagrose Castle
Sweegy Woods                  The Siedge Weald
Sand Rat Cellar               Sand Rat's Sietch
Thieves' Fort                 Brigands' Den
Lenalia Plateau               Lenalian Plateau
Fovoham Plains                Fovoham Windflats
Fort Zeakden                  Ziekden Fortress
Zirekile Falls                Zeirchele Falls
Fort City Zaland              Castled City of Zaland
Bariaus Hill                  Balias Tor
Zigolis Swamp                 Tchigolith Fenlands
Goug Machine City             Clockwork City of Goug
Warjilis Trade City           Port City of Warjilis
Bariaus Valley                Balias Swale
Golgorand Execution Site      Golgollada Gallows
Goland Coal City              Mining Town of Gollund
Lesalia Imperial Capital      Royal City of Lesalia
Grog Hill                     Grogh Heights
Yardow Fort City              Walled City of Yardrow
Yuguo Woods                   The Yuguewood
Doguola Pass                  Dugeura Pass
Bervenia Volcano              Mount Bervenia
Finath River                  Finnath Creek
Bed Desert                    Beddha Sandwaste
Bethla Garrison               Fort Besselat
Zarghidas Trade City          Trade City of Sal Ghidos
Germinas Peak                 Mount Germinas
Dolbodar Swamp                Dorvauldar Marsh
Murond Holy Place             Mullonde

Deep Dungeon                  Midlight's Deep
NOGIAS                        The Crevasse
TERMINATE                     The Stair
DELTA                         The Hollow
VALKYRIES                     The Catacombs
MLAPAN                        The Oubliette
TIGER                         The Palings
BRIDGE                        The Switchback
HORROR                        The Interstice
END                           Terminus

[1998 PSone translation]      [2007 PSP translation]
Priest                        White Mage
Wizard                        Black Mage
Mediator                      Orator
Oracle                        Mystic
Lancer                        Dragoon
Calculator                    Arithmetician

Delita's Sis                  Commoner
Dark Knight                   Fell Knight
Engineer                      Machinist
Heaven Knight                 Skyseer
Hell Knight                   Netherseer
Holy Swordsman                Sword Saint
Arc Knight                    Ark Knight
Temple Knight                 Templar
Steel Giant                   Automaton
Dragoner                      Dragonkin

Impure King                   The Impure
Holy Priest                   Celebrant
Warlock                       Gigas
Angel of Death                Death Seraph
Lune Knight                   Rune Knight
Ghost of Fury                 The Wroth
Regulator                     Bringer of Order

[1998 PSone translation]      [2007 PSP translation]
Gobbledeguk                   Gobbledygook
Cuar                          Coeurl
Vampire                       Vampire Cat
Explosion                     Exploder
Living Bone                   Skeletal Fiend
Juravis                       Jura Aevis
Pisco Demon                   Piscodaemon
Squidlarkin                   Squidraken
Bull Demon                    Wisenkin
Minitaurus                    Minotaur
Sacred                        Sekhret
Gust                          Ghast
Flotiball                     Floating Eye
Plague                        Plague Horror
Woodman                       Dryad
Taiju                         Elder Treant
Hyudra                        Hydra
Hydra                         Greater Hydra
Uribo                         Pig
Porky                         Swine
Apanda                        Reaver
Archaic Demon                 Archaeodaemon

[1998 PSone translation]      [2007 PSP translation]

Basic Skill                   Fundaments
Accumulate                    Focus
Dash                          Rush
Throw Stone                   Stone
Heal                          Salve
Monster Skill                 Beastmaster
Gained Jp UP                  JP Boost

Throw Item                    Throw Items
Maintenance                   Safeguard
Equip Change                  Reequip
Move-Find Item                Treasure Hunter

Battle Skill                  Arts of War
* Break                       Rend *
Magic Break                   Rend MP
Mind Break                    Rend Magick
Weapon Guard                  Parry
Equip Armor                   Equip Heavy Armor

Charge+x                      Aim +x
Speed Save                    Adrenaline Rush
Arrow Guard                   Archer's Bane
Concentrate                   Concentration

Punch Art                     Martial Arts
Spin Fist                     Cyclone
Repeating Fist                Pummel
Wave Fist                     Aurablast
Earth Slash                   Shockwave
Secret Fist                   Doom Fist
Stigma Magic                  Purification
HP Restore                    Critical: Recover HP
Hamedo                        First Strike
Martial Arts                  Brawler
Move-HP UP                    Lifefont

White Magic                   White Magicks
Cure 2                        Cura
Cure 3                        Curaga
Cure 4                        Curaja
Raise 2                       Arise
Protect 2                     Protectja
Shell 2                       Shellja
Regenerator                   Regenerate
Magic DefendUP                Arcane Defense

Black Magic                   Black Magicks
Fire 2                        Fira
Fire 3                        Firaga
Fire 4                        Firaja
Bolt                          Thunder
Bolt 2                        Thundara
Bolt 3                        Thundaga
Bolt 4                        Thundaja
Ice                           Blizzard
Ice 2                         Blizzara
Ice 3                         Blizzaga
Ice 4                         Blizzaja
Frog                          Toad
Magic AttackUP                Arcane Strength

Time Magic                    Time Magicks
Haste 2                       Hasteja
Slow 2                        Slowja
Don't Move                    Immobilize
Demi                          Gravity
Demi 2                        Graviga
MP Switch                     Mana Shield
Short Charge                  Swiftness
Float [movement ability]      Levitate

Summon Magic                  Summon
Silf                          Sylph
Fairy                         Faerie
MP Restore                    Critical: Recover MP
Half of MP                    Halve MP

Gil Taking                    Steal
Caution                       Vigilance
Gilgame Heart                 Gil Snapper
Catch                         Sticky Fingers
Secret Hunt                   Poach

Talk Skill                    Speechcraft
Invitation                    Entice
Persuade                      Stall
Threaten                      Intimidate
Solution                      Enlighten
Death Sentence                Condemn
Negotiate                     Beg
Finger Guard                  Earplug
Train                         Tame
Monster Talk                  Beast Tongue

Yin-Yang Magic                Mystic Arts
Blind                         Umbra
Spell Absorb                  Empowerment
Life Absorb                   Invigoration
Pray Faith                    Belief
Doubt Faith                   Disbelief
Zombie                        Corruption
Silence Song                  Quiescence
Blind Rage                    Fervor
Foxbird                       Trepidation
Confusion Song                Delirium
Dispel Magic                  Harmony
Paralyze                      Hesitation
Sleep                         Repose
Petrify                       Induration
Absorb Used MP                Absorb MP
Defense UP                    Defense Boost
Any Weather                   Ignore Weather
Move-MP Up                    Manafont

Elemental                     Geomancy
Pitfall                       Sinkhole
Water Ball                    Torrent
Hell Ivy                      Tanglevine
Carve Model                   Contortion
Local Quake                   Tremor
Kamaitachi                    Wind Slash
Demon Fire                    Will-o'-the-Wisp
Blizzard                      Snowstorm
Gusty Wind                    Wind Blast
Lava Ball                     Magma Surge
Counter Flood                 Nature's Wrath
Attack UP                     Attack Boost
Any Ground                    Ignore Terrain
Move on Lava                  Lavawalking

Level Jump x                  Horizontal Jump x
Dragon Spirit                 Dragonheart
Equip Spear                   Equip Polearms
Ignore Height                 Ignore Elevation

Draw Out                      Iaido
Asura                         Ashura
Koutetsu                      Kotetsu
Bizen Boat                    Osafune
Heaven's Cloud                Ama-no-Murakumo
Meatbone Slash                Bonecrusher
Blade Grasp                   Shirahadori
Two Hands                     Doublehand
Walk on Water                 Swim

Ball                          Bomb
Stick                         Pole
Spear                         Polearm
Knight Sword                  Knight's Sword
Dictionary                    Book
Sunken State                  Vanish
Abandon                       Reflexes
Two Swords                    Dual Wield
Move in Water                 Waterwalking

Math Skill                    Arithmeticks
Prime Number                  Prime
3                             Multiple of 3
4                             Multiple of 4
5                             Multiple of 5
Distribute                    Cup of Life
Damage Split                  Soulbind
Gained Exp UP                 EXP Boost
Move-Get Exp                  Accrue EXP
Move-Get JP                   Accrue JP

Sing                          Bardsong
Angel Song                    Seraph Song
Life Song                     Life's Anthem
Cheer Song                    Rousing Melody
Battle Song                   Battle Chant
Magic Song                    Magickal Refrain
Last Song                     Finale
MA Save                       Magick Boost
Face Up                       Faith Boost

Wiznaibus                     Mincing Minuet
Polka Polka                   Polka
Disillusion                   Heathen Frolic
Nameless Dance                Forbidden Dance
Last Dance                    Last Waltz
A Save                        Fury
Brave Up                      Bravery Boost

SQUIRE [Ramza]
Guts                          Mettle
Accumulate                    Focus
Dash                          Rush
Throw Stone                   Stone
Heal                          Salve
Yell                          Tailwind
Wish                          Chant
Cheer Up                      Steel
Scream                        Shout
Equip Axe                     Equip Axes
Monster Skill                 Beastmaster
Gained Jp UP                  JP Boost

Dark Sword [command]          Fell Sword
Night Sword                   Shadowblade
Dark Sword [ability]          Duskblade

Stasis Sword                  Judgment Blade
Split Punch                   Cleansing Strike
Crush Punch                   Northswain's Strike
Lightning Stab                Hallowed Bolt
Holy Explosion                Divine Ruination

Holy Magic                    Holy Magick
Mbarrier                      Aegis
Deathspell 2                  Dispelna

Snipe                         Aimed Shot
Leg Aim                       Leg Shot
Arm Aim                       Arm Shot

Starry Heaven                 Astrology
Galaxy Stop                   Celestial Stasis

Truth                         Sky Mantra
Heaven's Thunder              Heaven's Wrath
Asura                         Ashura
Diamond Sword                 Adamantine Blade
Hydragon Pit                  Maelstrom
Space Storage                 Celestial Void
Sky Demon                     Divinity

Un-Truth                      Nether Mantra
Heaven Bltback                Hell's Wrath
Asura Back                    Nether Ashura
Dia Swrd Back                 Nether Blade
Dragn Pit Back                Nether Maelstrom
Space Str Back                Corporeal Void
Sky Demon Back                Impiety

All Swordskill                Swordplay

Mighty Sword                  Unyielding Blade
Shellbust Stab                Crush Armor
Blastar Punch                 Crush Helm
Hellcry Punch                 Crush Weapon
Icewolf Bite                  Crush Accessory

Destroy Sword                 Blade of Ruin
* Ruin                        *sap

Magic Sword                   Spellblade
Aspel                         Syphon
Innocent                      Doubt
Despair                       Dispel
Shock!                        Vengeance

Work                          Tasks
Crush                         Pulverize

* Bracelet                    * Breath
Dragon Tame                   Dragon's Charm
Dragon Care                   Dragon's Gift
Dragon PowerUp                Dragon's Might
Dragon LevelUp                Dragon's Speed

Braver                        Brave Slash

Energy                        Energize
Shock                         Vengeance
Difference                    Manaburn

Use Hand                      Subdual Arts
Stop Bracelet                 Suffocate
Teleport 2                    Master Teleportation

Choco Attack                  Choco Beak
Choco Ball                    Choco Pellets
Scratch                       Claw
Poison Nail                   Venom Fang
Cat Kick                      Cat Scratch
Small Bomb                    Bomblet
Turn Punch                    Spin Punch
Knife Hand                    Chop
* Soul                        * Anima
Aqua Anima                    Water Anima
Scratch Up                    Talon Dive
Shine Lover                   Glitterlust
Shake Off                     Pickaxe
Tentacle                      Tentacles
Black Ink                     Ink
Odd Soundwave                 Dischord
Wave Around                   Feral Spin
Throw Spirit                  Ectoplasm
Grease Touch                  Oily Touch
Look of Fright                Dread Gaze
Wing Attack                   Wing Buffet
Look of Devil                 Bewitching Gaze
Death Sentence                Doom
Leaf Dance                    Leaf Rain
Spirit of Life                Life Nymph
Protect Spirit                Guardian Nymph
Clam Spirit                   Shell Nymph
Bad Bracelet                  Bad Breath
Stab Up                       Gore
Sudden Cry                    Heave
Dash                          Charge
Ulmaguest                     Almagest
Triple *                      Tri-*
Straight Dash                 Reckless Charge
Pooh-                         Toot

[1998 PSone translation]      [2007 PSP translation]
Ninja Sword                   Ninja Blade
Knight Sword                  Knight's Sword
Hammer                        Flail
Dictionary                    Book
Spear                         Polearm
Stick                         Pole
Ribbon                        Hair Adornment
Mantle                        Cloak
Magic Ball                    Bomb

Zorlin Shape                  Zwill Straightblade
Hidden Knife                  Ninja Blade
Ninja Knife                   Kunai
Short Edge                    Kodachi
Ninja Edge                    Ninja Longblade
Spell Edge                    Spellbinder
Sasuke Knife                  Sasuke's Blade
Koga/Iga Knife                Koga/Iga Blade
Nagrarock                     Nagnarok
Sleep Sword                   Sleep Blade
Koutetsu                      Kotetsu
Bizen Boat                    Osafune
Heaven's Cloud                Ama-no-Murakumo
Rainbow Staff                 Serpent Staff
Wizard Staff                  Mage's Staff
Sage Staff                    Staff of the Magi
Faith Rod                     Rod of Faith
Flail                         Iron Flail
Flame Whip                    Flame Mace
Romanda Gun                   Romandan Pistol
Blaze Gun                     Glacial Gun
Glacier Gun                   Blaze Gun
Blast Gun                     Blaster
Night Killer                  Knightslayer
Gastrafitis                   Gastrophetes
Ultimus Bow                   Artemis Bow
Bloody Strings                Bloodstring Harp
Fairy Harp                    Faerie Harp
Battle Dict                   Battle Folio
Monster Dict                  Bestiary
Papyrus Plate                 Papyrus Codex
Oberisk                       Obelisk
H Bag                         Hydrascale Bag
C Bag                         Croakadile Bag
P Bag                         Pantherskin Bag
FS Bag                        Fallingstar Bag
Persia                        Damask Cloth
Ryozan Silk                   Wyrmweave Silk

Platina Shield                Platinum Shield
Kaiser Plate                  Kaiser Shield

Barbuta                       Barbut
Cross Helm                    Close Helmet
Feather Cap                   Plumed Hat
Triangle Hat                  Wizard's Hat
Twist Headband                Headband
Holy Miter                    Celebrant's Miter
Black Hood                    Black Cowl
Flash Hat                     Lambent Hat
Thief Hat                     Thief's Cap

Platina Armor                 Platinum Armor
Carabini Mail                 Carabineer Mail
Reflect Mail                  Mirror Mail
Leather Outfit                Leather Clothing
Leather Vest                  Leather Plate
Chain Vest                    Ringmail
Adaman Vest                   Adamant Vest
Judo Outfit                   Jujitsu Gi
Power Sleeve                  Power Garb
Earth Clothes                 Gaia Gear
Black Costume                 Black Garb
Wizard Outift                 Wizard Clothing
Secret Clothes                Ninja Gear
Rubber Costume                Rubber Suit
Linen Robe                    Hempen Robe
Silk Robe                     Silken Robe
Light Robe                    Luminous Robe
Robe of Lords                 Lordly Robe

Spike Shoes                   Spiked Boots
Feather Boots                 Winged Boots
Sprint Shoes                  Hermes Shoes
Power Wrist                   Power Gauntlet
Magic Gauntlet                Magepower Glove
Defense Ring                  Protect Ring
Magic Ring                    Magick Ring
N-Kai Armlet                  Nu Khai Armband
108 Gems                      Japa Mala
Defense Armlet                Guardian Bracelet
Diamond Armlet                Diamond Bracelet
Small Mantle                  Shoulder Cape
Leather Mantle                Leather Cloak
Wizard Mantle                 Mage's Cloak
Elf Mantle                    Elven Cloak
Dracula Mantle                Vampire Cape
Feather Mantle                Featherweave Cloak
Vanish Mantle                 Invisibility Cloak
Salty Rage                    Sortile'ge
Setiemson                     Septie`me

Eye Drop                      Eye Drops
Echo Grass                    Echo Herbs
Soft                          Gold Needle
Magic Shuriken                Fuma Shuriken
Yagyu Darkness                Yagyu Darkrood
Fire Ball                     Flameburst Bomb
Water Ball                    Snowmelt Bomb
Lightning Ball                Spark Bomb

[1998 PSone translation]      [2007 PSP translation]
Four Gods Set                 Four-Deity Plate
Statue of Lylis               Statuette of Lilith
Beetle Charm                  Scarab Charm
Zeni-Sword                    Coin Blade
Malice Mask                   Hanya Mask
Adult's Bread                 Goliath Bread
Yurgeivogue                   Lugae
M-Fiction Novel               Mesa's Musings
Diary of Nanai                Nanai's Histories
Wyuvle                        Veil of Wiyu
Book of Enavia                Enavia Chronicles
Magical Gun                   Enchanted Pistol
M Machinegun                  Enchanted Machinegun
Magi-Sword                    Zanmato
Excalipar                     Excalipoor
Parasite Tree                 Yggdrasil Mistletoe
Longibunne Spear              Lance of Longibunne

Magic Continent               Floating Continent
Castle of Trials              Fortress of Trials
Falgabird                     Falgabard
Magic Train                   Phantom Train
Touzas Village                Tozus Village
Semite Falls                  Semitt Falls

As more are differences in naming are found between The War of the Lions and the original translation, can we add them? For example, I just had an Archaeodaemon cast Karma on my character, which did the same thing as Lifebreak, so can I make a note of that on the Archaeodaemon page? Jayce 00:22, 17 January 2008 (UTC)

Two pages[edit source]

TacticAngel TALK 06:47, 23 August 2008 (UTC)
There are significant differences in this game, both in the job system as well as additional (and somewhat reordered) events... not to mention it has a different title.

Propositions[edit source]

Theatrhythm Ultimate Weapon.png

PolkaPolka[edit source]

BlueHighwind TA.png

Ad Hoc Question[edit source]

If I have the Australian version (EU version I think) and my friend has an American Import.

Can we play over ad hoc with each other?

--Halcyon Dtier 23:12, 6 July 2009 (UTC)

Sequal[edit source]

You think Square Enix could create a sequal to this onto the Playstation 3? It should include a new story, new features, new jobs, and for god sake give the characters a nose! >:/

App store release[edit source]

I think this game's being released as an iPhone game! If that's true, shouldn't it be noted on this wiki?

It should be noted. If you have a source for this you can add it.Keltainentoukokuu 16:46, August 1, 2011 (UTC)
Proof is here- release date(this thursday) and price point($15.99USD) 08:57, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

Am I the only who thinks that it should've been like that in the first place? Any of the tactics games would fit perfectly on an iPod.AlVan 01:55, August 11, 2011 (UTC)

Just watched the gameplay video in Youtube. IMO the interface for touching is not satisfying, they definitely should increase the size of the command menu. -- Inpursuit (talk) 06:22, August 11, 2011 (UTC)

Dead link[edit source]

During several automated bot runs the following external link was found to be unavailable. Please check if the link is in fact down and fix or remove it in that case!

--intangir bot (master) 02:07, June 30, 2014 (UTC)

Fun game[edit source]

FFT WTL is a wonderfully fun game and played it as a kid at the age of 7 and still play it because it is fun.

Merge with original FFT?[edit source]

Is there any reason why it should have its own article? It's the same as FFX HD and Type-0 HD. FFIII & FFIV 3D don't even have their own articles. Monterossa (talk) 07:40, March 31, 2015 (UTC)

Yeah it should be merged. I also support merging Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete.Keltainentoukokuu (talk) 15:09, March 31, 2015 (UTC)

The subject "Two Pages", above, suggest they shouldn't. There are various differences between the games. I was confused/disappointed they were merged. Please change them back, gracias.

That was a discussion from several years ago. BTW you can read the old War of the Lion article here. Monterossa (talk) 04:16, December 3, 2015 (UTC)

That'll work, I guess. Thank you. Are you an Admin? Arbitrarily changing things messes people up when they look up stuff, and it's not there or changed.

No, I'm not an admin. But how is this messes people up? you mean people who are playing the PS1 version? most of the FFT-related articles on this wiki already use PSP translations before the merge, and their PS1 names are also mentioned in the articles. We have redirected pages for PS1 character names and terms so if you search for something with their PS1 name you'll landed on the article anyway. one more thing, I didn't change it "arbitrarily". It has been discussed and we agreed to merge them. Monterossa (talk) 05:55, December 7, 2015 (UTC)
The wiki always uses the latest version as the default, but other versions are also covered.Keltainentoukokuu (talk) 13:11, December 7, 2015 (UTC)
As someone who actually is an admin, I don't think we should even have the PS1 translations in separate columns on pages either, and this merge was neither arbitrary nor unwarranted. Consensus changes over time.
Please point out the specific issue you have with being "messed up" while "looking up stuff" and we can fix that, or see if you can find enough people who will agree with you to split again.--Magicite-ffvi-ios.png Technobliterator TC 13:15, December 7, 2015 (UTC)
I think those translations should be there because isn't that version still on sale via PSN. People are still playing by those names.Keltainentoukokuu (talk) 18:09, December 7, 2015 (UTC)

Oh, no I'm fine now, bookmarked the stored WotL page. Sorry for the trouble. Yes, both versions are on PSN, I bought both a couple weeks ago. Text is completely different, much better in ye olde english.

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