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I'm bored, so I thought I'd give opinions on the tracks.

  1. Worst version of the Prelude I've heard/can remember. Okay, not quite as bad as I seem to be making out, it's a nice track. I like the ending seconds though.
  2. Starts oddly, though nice in its own way. It actually is a nice track the whole way through.
  3. Starts off with an odd "spacey-techno" change on the original. Can't say I like it until it hits the two minute mark, then the next thirty seconds are the best. Then there's something else before going back to the spacey-techno for the end.
  4. MEH! Sounds pretty terrible from start to finish. Well actually, to be fair nearer the end it has some good parts.
  5. Start doesn't sound brilliant. And the rest of it isn't that good. Can barely tell it's J-E-N-O-V-A. S'pose it's pretty neat as its own track though.
  6. Starts off icky. Then it doesn't get that much better.
  7. An interesting change on the original. I prefer it because I HATE the original.
  8. Starts off nice. The increasing tempo about 01:40 until it hits the good part of the song after two minutes. It's pretty meh after that.
  9. First impression, original sounds better, than the remixing kicks in and it takes a nice turn from the original. And I mean nice. Lovely.
  10. Meh. I'm surprised an XI track's in the mix. Again, this is a track which has its best parts past the half-way mark.
  11. Sounds bad. And the good part past the half-way mark isn't good.
  12. Sucks.

So, in actual fact, it's not that bad. Just usually there is some bad parts of a track that can put you off.  ILHI 19:24, 2 June 2009 (UTC)