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I was looking at the duplication units value and saw values that ended in ".33" and ".67", so clearly there was a division calculation going on here. And in the interest of storing non-rounded values I wanted to find it out.

It's nothing that interesting, the duplication unit figures are just fractions of 100. So 100/[dupval]: Something with duplication units of 0.2 has a dupval of 500, and one with 33.33 has a dupval of 3.

But god dammit, Bettle Shell's 0.93 could be either 107 [0.93457...] or 108 [0.925"]. I haven't played XV and don't really understand Elemancy, but if my understanding and maths are correct, if it were 107 you would get 14 duplicates for 14 catalysts, and if it were 108 you would get 13 duplicates for 14 catalysts. Is this easy to check? JBed (talk) 14:29, January 23, 2017 (UTC)

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