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Labeling Style on Pages[edit source]

Ok, for the sake of consistency I think we have to come up with a labeling system for the boss section of the character pages and for the descriptions on the boss pages. So far I have seen Distant Glory written four ways. These four ways are...

  • Distant Glory
  • Distant Glory: Heroes/Villains
  • Distant Glory (Heroes)/(Villains)
  • Distant GLory [The Lady of the Legend]/[Redemption of the Warrior]

Personally I have been using the third one, since they are just called Distant Glory from the story selection menu. I feel the parentheses around Heroes/Villains show that it is not the actual title but rather a tag that we use to distinguish the two. This is why I do not really like the second one, because to me the way that it is written makes it seem that Heroes/Villains is in the actual title.

I think the first way could also work but it does not show any distinction between the two. Or we could just go with the fourth way and include the full title. However, we do not do this with the other Destiny Odysseys so it would kind of seem out of place. So what are everyone else's thoughts/opinions on this matter? --Oranejo 17:29, October 10, 2009 (UTC)


Overview Section[edit source]

If no one is going to take a stab at the overview section, I can. Anyone have any specifics? Luacas 06:23, July 29, 2011 (UTC)

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