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Spoilers Edit

I suggest this page never have images placed in it. Unlike all of the other jobs, the Conjurer appears very early in the game, but does not show any signs of being an enemy. Showing the characters in the Conjurer garb will betray whom the Conjurer is. While he is not truly an enemy, it is a notable spoiler. Of course, the wiki is not opposed to spoilers, but it is likely that someone just trying to look for the mechanics of the game could come to this page and get a storyline spoiler, just looking at the clothing.

I would suggest, at least, that the images, if added, be placed below a spoiler warning. Even without a picture of the Conjurer boss himself. It is not particularly obtrusive to hide the images, as players would learn that jobs wear the garments of the bosses who provide the job in the first place. This mere existence of the spoiler would spoil the idea that the Conjurer is someone they meet relatively early on, but would be mostly harmless. 19:40, February 24, 2014 (UTC)Sines

I don't know much about BD. So I grasp that a defeated boss gives the Conjurer job. So this page is only a spoiler if you go to it before you've ever even heard about it in the game.
And if that is the case then spoiler tags aren't needed. If you don't want to get spoiled don't click on something you don't know anything about. Sure, people might come here to find out how to get it but even then they'd be getting spoiled. 20:14, February 24, 2014 (UTC)
The simple explanation is that the bosses you fight to obtain this games Jobs wear the same clothing that the characters wear when you use the job. Seeing the characters wear the clothing of another character on a job page, is a big red flag that you'll be fighting that character at one point or another to anyone who has progressed even mildly into the game (or whom has just been looking at the other job pages).
There is a difference between coming to a page about mechanics, and a page about a character. In Final Fantasy Tactics, 3, 5, 10-2 and 11, the class pages are basically devoid of spoilers. They are about what the class can do, not where it comes from. Or if it does detail where it comes from, it's pretty spoiler free, plot wise (Playing FF5, after the Wind Crystal shatters very early on, it's hardly surprising that the others do too and also give you jobs). This is, to my knowledge, the one class entry page in all of FF where something as innocuous as an image can constitute a noteworthy spoiler.
It may not be that there are many people who come to this page for the mechanics, but who want to avoid the spoilers, as I did. However, by that same logic, most people coming here would already have the class, and not need the pictures for reference anyway. And if they were looking for spoilers, they could do so in more obviously spoiler heavy sections on the wiki. There's little to be gained by avoiding the image, but even less to lose.
If we want to help those who are interested in spoilers and how the class is obtained, a spoiler warning section could be added to this page, at the bottom, below which the images will be displayed, as well as a description as to when and how it is obtained. This section could be added for all jobs as well. With the nature of BD, this would be a simple "The quest for this job is accessible once you complete Main Story Event Y, and fight John Smith in the Spooky Woods." 05:46, February 25, 2014 (UTC)Sines

Yeah, if we want to prevent accidental spoilers, we can keep the images down at the bottom in the gallery page (we can put the class icons at the top of the page), and put the info on unlocking the job near the bottom under a spoiler tag. -- Gordon Ecker (talk) 06:42, February 25, 2014 (UTC)
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