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Identity crisisEdit

This is hard because the other members of the Veritas that are obtainable as visions, she is the only one who has two forms (since we knew own's Sakuras armored form and since Raegen and VoD are two separate entities they do not count). Imo, I would say to wait for her release BUT since Season 2 is already here since November and now we know the identity of all the Veritas' (except the translated names of Flamelord and Earthlord, but we will know them in the next part of the story, so that doesn't worry me too much) I'd say to simply rename it. -- Eco (talk) 11:31, January 15, 2018 (UTC)
Veritas of the Light and Citra are the very same being. Sure a Vision of her is acquired through Rare Summon but that's for gameplay purposes mostly. They remain the same individual very much. Raegen and Darklord are different because the latter is officialized AS a Vision of the former in game lore, so those two ARE different. Veritas of the Light and Citra are analogous to Lasswell and Pyro Glacial Lasswell, i.e. variant versions of the same character.
As such I believe the content of VoL and Citra needs to be in the same page. You're free to rename the page as Citra if more people are in agreement with it. The reason I've not requested for a name change is mostly because we know them by their Season One names rather than their Real names, unless redirection was used I'd have no issue with that.
Those are my two cents regarding her page. --BGMaxie (talk) 19:39, January 15, 2018 (UTC)
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