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Interesting fact about Babus and Ezel[edit source]

Ok, I know its not that important, but Ezel and Babus are the only NuMous that don't wear bell earings, instead just having those loop things. Once agian, I know its not that important, just thought it was an interesting fact to point out.--LaZodiac 20:34, 2 August 2007 (UTC)

Should it be noted?[edit source]

I was recently looking at the artwork for Babus and noticed that the part of his ear that connects to his head almost looks like stitching. I was wondering if it should be noted that Babus may have a connection to Mewt's teddy bear? He even has some sort of nose that looks like a bear's. Also, this would explain why he is so protective of Mewt, being an image of his teddy bear, which Mewt usually clutches for security. I don't know, I just always felt that Babus and the teddy bear were connected. Pyitoechito 03:07, December 7, 2009 (UTC)

Babus is a girl. But whatevs, not Earth shattering important or anything...[edit source]

The FFTA2 radio drama makes it fairly clear that Babus is a female (female actor, she's referred to as "kanojo" ie. "this girl/this woman/she" by Judgemaster Cid in Vol 4 Track 11.5 EX-4 when she is introduced to Mewt, plus she has more... pretty traits? compared to all of the other gray no mou seen in the game, I mean). Not really worth going through an editin war. Just saying.

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