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A QuestionEdit

Shuyin face
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Shuyin face

I'd bet that you just don't have access to the fayth from as long ago as Zanarkand. That or the fayth themselves were destroyed in Sin's attack. It's not too big a plot hole. Magugag 03:02, October 28, 2009 (UTC)

From what I have deduced from bits of information here and there is that 'summoning' in all it's forms on Spira, in essence, is using magic to condense pyreflies into physical manifestations of creatures or beings. I think there are different 'kinds' of summoning that can take place. In Lake Macalania we see Guado summoning weak fiends into battle, directly manifested from pyreflies. Although the Guado themselves likely have special ties with the farplane, I am sure this still counts as a lesser form of summoning. Seymour himself shows the ability to use the dead to empower himself once he becomes an unsent, no doubt amplified by his abilities as a summoner. This is likely similar to the types of summoning ancient Zanarkand residents performed, using their mental concentration to bring forth creatures to fight out of pyreflies.

I believe Yu Yevon, being a peerless summoner, was the first to discover that the power of a summon could be increased significantly by having a person's soul in a constant state of 'dreaming' by transforming them into lifeless statues who's only purpose is to make real their dream, and form links with other summoners to allow for powerful Aeons to be brought forth, in the image of the Fayth. I doubt the creation of Aeons took place until the Machina War, when Bevelle was annihilating Zanarkand and all was thought to be lost. Hence the denizens of Zanarkand likely become the first Fayth. I also think there is a misunderstanding about how the Fayth and Aeons in the storyline came to be, the line in the game was that Fayth were people who "gave their lives to defeat Sin". I don't think this should be interpreted to mean they fought Sin and lost, I think it means that they willingly became Fayth with Yunalesca's help to allow summoners to defeat Sin. Whether this happens when a Final Aeon is created, but not used to battle Sin by it's original linked summoner (as was the case with Seymour and Anima), or if some lone venturers made the trek to Zarnarkand with no one to form the connection with is hard to know. At any rate Yu Yevon and Yunalesca were the last known beings with the ability to turn willing souls into Fayth. In conclusion, I believe all forms of pyrefly manipulation is 'summoning', and you don't HAVE to use a Fayth to practice it's lesser forms.

In relation to the issues of there being summoners in Zanarkand, it was obviously a city destroyed by Sin, which would be a very blatant reason as to why there aren't any summonable Fayth there within the game, because it's confirmed that summoners existed before the machina war because of Final Fantasy X-2, and Fayth existed then too. But if it must be more complicated, maybe fayth are on a time limit, seeing as each respective final Aeon can only be summoned once before it becomes Sin. What if Yu Yevon is supplying the current Fayth with the energy gathered inside sin so he can keep his religion going and acquire more power and so that's why more Fayth don't exist, but I find my first reason much more plausible. And also, Tidus isn't an Aeon, the people of Zanarkand are the Fayth, the spirits necessary for Aeons to come about, and the dream Zanarkand, along with Tidus, is the result of their power as Fayth, not the summon of their spirits themselves, because it's mentioned that it's something they have to maintain. TheSublimelyMaginificentGeisericBlitz 08:25, September 20, 2011 (UTC)

Aeon Seals Edit

Seems there is no comprehensive gallery of the different Fayth and Aeon seals. These appear when the Aeon is being summoned or the Fayth is being addressed by a summoner. Here is the only pic I could find of Shiva's created by a DeviantArtist

If we could get some screenshots or official concept art, that would be great.


We have them all Cloister of Trials|here. Espritduo 18:54, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

Awwww DAAAMMIT! I did not see that Glyph Images category. I just uploaded them all.
Anyway, are my images better? They're all scans from the Ultimania (I'm not sure how the other ones were obtained)... and they don't have empty space? JBed 19:12, June 7, 2012 (UTC)
Heh, I was just about to scan them in too, but then I realized the initial request was two years old, and someone probably uploaded them since then. But yeah, I think yours are better. They're slightly smaller, but they are transparent png's which is always good. I noticed you didn't include the Yevon Dome glyph, or the three Bevelle glyphs below the Bahamut glyph in the Ultimania Omega. Are you going to scan them too? Espritduo 19:41, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

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