The Galkan Talekeeper is our prophet, our elder, our king. He embodies everything that makes us Galka.


The Talekeeper is a Galka character in Final Fantasy XI. Normally a reincarnated Galka forgets all aspects of his previous life but the Talekeeper remembers his own in addition to those of all other Galka during the last two centuries. He is therefore the core of the Galkas' racial identity and their leader by tradition. This burden is difficult to bear, however, and Talekeepers are known to have troubled lives.

Story[edit | edit source]

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No Talekeeper has reached a sufficiently ripe age to be reborn. Some crumbled under the pressures of leadership and became self-destructive. Others feared the loss of their innumerable memories and disappeared. The previous Talekeeper, Raogrimm, was consumed by the rage in his people's hearts and became a terrible demon. It remains to be seen if his successor, Gumbah, can defy fate and survive.

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