Taking the Gods' Stage is a time-limited event where Kuja from Final Fantasy IX can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 9.

Story[edit | edit source]

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A mysterious man who plans to involve Gaia's Mist continent in an ancient conflict. His features include an interesting way of expression and a play-like way of talking that makes anyone instantly aware of his presence.

Kuja's description

Aboard one of the airships of the Red Wings fleet, Golbez and Kuja discuss about the plans of the latter. One particular presence in this conflict disturbs Kuja: Mog's. Kuja plans to join the warriors of Materia to learn about Mog's "true identity".

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Meanwhile, on Eden's part of Nieveus, Mog is accompanied by multiple warriors, including Zidane, Vivi and Steiner, when a dimensional distortion appear in front of them. Kuja appears from it and starts teasing the group, creating on them the urge to fight him.

After his defeat, Kuja allows himself to be summoned by Mog, surprising the group and, especially, Vivi. Immediately Edgar and Balthier start questioning this turn of the events. But Kuja leaves before being insisted to reveal his goal by the two men.

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Afterwards, Vivi starts feeling scared because of what happened in Gaia with the black mages. Zidane comforts his friend, promising him that if Kuja does something bad in this world he will bring him down with his own hands. Edgar and Balthier empathize with the black mage, but they think that having Kuja on their side is a huge advantage on their mission.

Sometime on the near future, some warriors reunite without Mog being present when Kuja appears out of nowhere. This fact worries the group, since no one can be teleported without Mog. Serah tries to cross-examine him but Kuja starts lecturing them about the world and the gods, and reveals that he was summoned by Spiritus and that the God of Destruction only cares for power. After worrying the warriors, Kuja admits that Materia and Spiritus's rivalry and the world's destruction was the least of their problems since something more complicated was going on. This sentence sows the seeds of doubt, making the light warriors question Mog. Kuja then leaves.

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Terra starts worrying but the Warrior of Light, who still maintains his composure about Kuja's revelations, comforts her. He also ask his partners that, if they see a fellow warrior doubtful or uneasy about something, they should support each other.[1]

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Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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To Alter Fate:
  • Golbez: ...So you will go.
  • Kuja: I need to know. Being a puppet isn't my style.
  • Kuja: You've felt it, I'm sure. That sensation of someone draining away our power...
  • Golbez: Furthermore, that moogle... It is no mere spirit...
  • Golbez: If you are at their side, you may learn its true identity.
  • Kuja: My plans aren't so grandiose as that.
  • Kuja: ...The audience has simply tired of waiting for me to take the stage.

(Kuja leaves)

  • Mog: Kupo! A Torsion is forming, kupo!

(Kuja comes out from the Torsion)

  • Zidane: Kuja... So this is one of your Torsions, is it?
  • Kuja: Why, so it is. You need something to fight, don't you? How can we call this a show without an action sequence?
  • Mog: Your underhanded theatrics end here, kupo!
  • Steiner: Why you! This time you will get the drubbing you deserve!
  • Kuja: Heh... Yes, do give it all you've got.
  • Setzer: ...I suspect he's bluffing; dare we play along?
  • Zidane: He's not getting away this time. I'll drag the truth out of him if I have to!
  • Kuja: You should save that line for after you've won the battle.
Entrance Cue:
  • Kuja: Now then... The villain, yours truly, is thus trounced...
  • Kuja: And the Torsion vanishes. All according to the moogle's script, I do believe.
  • Balthier: If there's something you want to say, try spitting it out.
  • Zidane: What is it you know? About Mog? About the Torsions?
  • Kuja: Heh heh... Well, for example...how about this?
  • Mog: Kupo!? These are...dimensional coordinates!?
  • Vivi: Huh!? Does that mean...Kuja's gonna fight for us!?
  • Mog He can now, kupo. He doesn't have to travel with us, but we can call on him anytime, kupo...
  • Edgar: Then do tell, what's your motive? I assume that know-it-all smirk isn't an act.
  • Kuja: This is just a cameo for now...
  • Kuja: It will be a while yet before I take center stage.

(Kuja leaves)

  • Balthier: Please... start pretending you're the leading man and you'll be sorry to find someone else already in the spotlight.
  • Zidane: Hold on! I'm not done with you!
  • Mog: ...Should I try summoning him, kupo?
  • Edgar: No, he's not the type to engage in decent conversation anyway. More importantly...
  • Zidane: Vivi... Calling him an "ally" all of a sudden has to be hard to swallow.
  • Vivi: I don't know...
  • Vivi: I feel scared...but I also feel like I need to be brave enough to accept that his powers can help us...
  • Balthier: I'm not surprised it's confusing for you. The man was your enemy back in your world.
  • Edgar: The rest of us don't know anything about him, but we can appreciate how complicated your feelings must be.
  • Edgar: But thinking about our next steps, if you'll forgive me saying so, we stand to profit from his abilities and knowledge.
  • Zidane: What he's done back in our world is completely unforgivable. Especially what he's done to your friends...
  • Zidane: Even so...I think we might need him here.
  • Vivi: Yeah... I know...
  • Zidane: If it looks like Kuja's going back to his old tricks for even a second, I'll be there to rein him in. 'Kay?
  • Balthier: Why do I feel left out?
  • Edgar: If such a thing happens, we'll all be here to make things right.
  • Zidane: Ah...yeah. That's right. We're in this together.
  • Vivi: Thanks... Everyone. I'll do my best, too, and think things over.

(A Torsion opens offscreen)

  • Kuja: My, my... What a strong cast.

(Kuja walks in)

  • Irvine: Oh, it's the show-off pretty boy. What's the occasion?
  • Terra: If you've come here without Mog summoning you, that means...
  • Edgar: You have something to tell us that's not for moogle ears.
  • Kuja: Heh... No pivotal revelations quite yet. We wouldn't want to spoil the story.
  • Serah: Then tell us what you can. I don't care who it's from; I just want answers.
  • Kuja: ...Such a strong heroine.
  • Kuja: Let us talk about gods, today. Two gods who created a world.
  • Warrior of Light: The goddess who summoned us, Materia... And the other being Spiritus...
  • Kuja: Yes, Materia and Spiritus—a perpetually bickering pair.
  • Kuja: I was summoned by Spiritus. His sole concern is power, and he pays little heed to one's...people skills in their worlds.
  • Irvine: Well, that's funny. Didn't the two of them make the world?
  • Kuja: Yes, they created it, but therein arose some abnormalities...
  • Edgar: And though they should be working together to fix things, they can't agree on the means and quarrel to no end...?
  • Kuja: That quarrel is merely the superficial layer of this tale... What's eating away at the world is something more complex.
  • Serah: You're not saying that's Mog, are you?
  • Terra: But Mog! Mog's been guiding us...
  • Irvine: Can anyone here come up with some proof either way?
  • Edgar: ...We'll keep your words in mind. I'm sure they'll come in handy.
  • Kuja: Heh heh... Please carry on dancing until the climax.

(Kuja leaves)

  • Terra: I can't believe Mog would be plotting something behind our backs...
  • Edgar: Don't confuse "keeping in mind" with "believing."
  • Warrior of Light: Regardless of the veracity of his tale...it is fact that Mog puts us in a difficult position by recruiting Kuja and his kind.
  • Serah: I don't think I could so easily trust someone who was a bitter enemy back home...
  • Irvine: Our enemies could be next, don't you think?
  • Warrior of Light: If we notice the slightest harm or unease befall any of our comrades, we must not keep it to ourselves.
  • Edgar: Naturally. We're brothers and sisters in destiny, after all.
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  • Kuja was released early in Global after beating Quistis and Lenna in the first player vote. His event was switched with Maria's.

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