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Taking a Detour is the fourth quest of Chapter 1, "Fateful Encounters", in Final Fantasy VII Remake, taking place in Sector 8. While traveling to the Sector 8 station to return home, an explosion blocks Cloud Strife's path. Cloud then has a hallucination of Sephiroth, following which Sephiroth seemingly appears before him. After following Sephiroth through the fire, Sephiroth disappears after talking to Cloud, at which point the flames Cloud was seeing vanish. Cloud therefore must take a detour to reach the station.


The mission begins in the alleyway. At the end of the alleyway, Cloud is no longer restricted to walking speed. Walk through the street, and take the alleyway that appears on the left. Steps on the side of the building can be seen here. Walk up the steps and take the ladder up to the top of a building. Following the roof of the building around leads to another set of stairs that lead down on another end of the street. Take the ladder down onto the street, and head right.

Aerith Gainsborough is found at the end of this street. Following a cutscene, she will offer Cloud a flower, and a dialogue option appears. Regardless of which option the player selects, Aerith will give Cloud one yellow flower. Following this, another cutscene commends, at which point several security officers arrive. This leads into the next quest, "Evade Pursuers".