Takatsugu Nakazawa.

Takatsugu Nakazawa is a Japanese video game designer who has been working for Square Enix since 1994. He was the system designer of Final Fantasy XV (2016). He was also the battle director of Final Fantasy X-2 (2003) and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- (2007).

Nakazawa is the creator of the Active X Battle (AXB) system. He also created the draw system used in Final Fantasy VIII (1999).[1][2] He would later evolve the draw system into the Phantoma system used in Final Fantasy Type-0 (2011).

Works within the series[edit | edit source]

Game Release Work
Final Fantasy VII 1997 Battle Planner
Final Fantasy VIII 1999 Battle Planner
Final Fantasy X 2001 Battle Planner
Final Fantasy X-2 2003 Battle Director
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings 2007 Special Thanks
Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- 2007 Battle Director
Final Fantasy XIII 2009 Battle Planning Support
Final Fantasy Type-0 2011 Lead Game Designer
Final Fantasy XIII-2 2009 Special Thanks
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD 2015 Lead Game Designer
Final Fantasy XV 2016 System Designer & Battle Director
Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition 2018 Director

References[edit | edit source]

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