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Takashi Katano

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[[File:Katano.png|thumb|150px|Takashi Katano.]]
'''Takashi Katano''' {{j|片野 尚志|Katano Takashi}} is a game programmer for [[Square Enix]]. He was majorly involved in the development of ''[[Final Fantasy X]]'' (2001) and ''[[Final Fantasy XII]]'' (2006). He was also heavily involved in the development and maintenance of [[Crystal Tools]].
Takashi Katano was the Main Programmer (Event) for the game ''[[Final Fantasy X]]''.
==Works within the series==
{| class="full-width series article-table"
|- class="a"
!class="b"|''[[Final Fantasy VIII]]''
|Menu & Chocobo World Programmer
!class="b"|''[[Final Fantasy X]]''
|Main Programmer (Event)
!class="b"|''[[Final Fantasy XII]]''
|Main System & Event Programmer<br>[[Active Dimension Battle]] Programming Director<br>[[Gambits]] Main Programmer<br>Director (North American & PAL Versions)
!class="b"|''[[Final Fantasy XII#International Zodiac Job System|Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System]]''
|Main System & Event Programmer<br>Active Dimension Battle Main Programmer<br>Gambits Main Programmer
!class="b"|''[[Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift]]''
|Programming Supervisor
!class="b"|''[[Final Fantasy XIII]]''
|Core Development Senior Manager<br>[[Crystal Tools]] Development Staff
!class="b"|''[[Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster]]''
|Main Programmer (with [[Hiroshi Harata]] and [[Yasunari Ohnishi]])
!class="b"|''[[Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age]]''
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