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Takashi Katano.

Takashi Katano (片野 尚志, Katano Takashi?) is a game programmer for Square Enix. He was majorly involved in the development of Final Fantasy X (2001) and Final Fantasy XII (2006). He was also heavily involved in the development and maintenance of Crystal Tools.

Works within the series[]

Game Release Work
Final Fantasy VIII 1999 Menu & Chocobo World Programmer
Final Fantasy X 2001 Main Programmer (Event)
Final Fantasy XII 2006 Main System & Event Programmer
Active Dimension Battle Programming Director
Gambits Main Programmer
Director (North American & PAL Versions)
Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System 2007 Main System & Event Programmer
Active Dimension Battle Main Programmer
Gambits Main Programmer
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift 2007 Programming Supervisor
Final Fantasy XIII 2009 Core Development Senior Manager
Crystal Tools Development Staff
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster 2013 Main Programmer (with Hiroshi Harata and Yasunari Ohnishi)
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age 2017 Director