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The Taito Corporation (株式会社タイトー, Kabushiki gaisha Taitō?) is a Japanese company specializing in video games, arcade and merchandising businesses. The origins of the company were founded by Michael Kogan as Taito Trading Company in 1953. Taito is best known for producing hit arcade games, such as Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, Darius, Arkanoid and the home console franchise of Lufia. Taito also owns several arcades in Japan known as Taito Stations and distributes its arcade games through their NESiCAxLive service.

Taito as a Square Enix subsidiary[]

On August 2005, Square Enix negotiated with Taito to purchase enough shares of the company in order to make it a subsidiary. The reason for the acquisition was to gain new channels to reach consumers and to adapt to the rapid changes in video game industry and to have Square Enix compete against Japanese gaming conglomerates in the arcade gaming market which was an industry that neither Square or Enix had dabbled in since either companies inception.

On March 2006, Square Enix wanted to incorporate Taito as a wholly-owned subsidiary, so they decided to absorb Taito Corporation's assets into SQEX (The Game Designers Studio). The result of this process meant that the original Taito Corporation company was dissolved and that SQEX was the surviving entity in the process. In order to maintain the Taito brand recognition, Square Enix renamed the surviving SQEX entity to Taito Corporation.

On February 2010, Square Enix wanted to streamline Taito as their arcade brand, so they decided to merge Taito (SQEX/The Game Designers Studio) with a shell company called ES1 Corporation. The result of this meant that the Taito Corporation formerly called SQEX (The Game Designers Studio) was dissolved and that ES1 Corporation was the surviving entity in the process. As such, the current Taito Corporation was the company formerly known as ES1 Corporation.

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