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Tail Collector (シッポオヤジ, Shippo Oyaji?) is a character in Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and Final Fantasy Dimensions. The main purpose for this character is to exchange the collected tails for valuable pieces of equipment.


Final Fantasy IV[]

The Tail Collector can be found inside the Adamant Isle Grotto. The player will need the Hovercraft to reach the cave.

Tail locations[]

These two tails can be found in all versions:

Tail Exchange for Location
Rat Tail Adamantite Treasure chest in Feymarch.
Pink Tail Adamant Armor Drop from Flan Princess. Use a Siren in the B5 Lunar Subterrane southeast room (which had a Red Fang in the chest).

3D Tail locations[]

Tails that are exclusive to the 3D versions:

Tail Exchange for Location
Black Tail Onion Armor Drop from Armored Fiend. Use a Siren on B2-B3 of Lair of the Father.
Blue Tail Onion Shield Drop from Thunder Dragon. Use a Siren on B2-B3 of the Passage of the Eidolons.
Green Tail Onion Helm Drop from Green Dragon. Use a Siren by the Sealed Cave entrance.
Red Tail Onion Sword Drop from Red Dragon. Use a Siren on B8-B10 of the Lunar Subterrane.
Yellow Tail Onion Gloves Drop from Yellow Dragon. Use a Siren by the Passage of the Eidolons entrance.
Takkei Tail Dummied Out. Description reads: Looks as though it could be traded for something.
Omega Tail Dummied Out. Description reads: The tail of Omega.
Zemus Tail Dummied Out. Description reads: The tail of Zemus.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

The Tail Collector can be found in ??? on the True Moon. The Tail Collector is found inside the tail collector's house, a new location of the Developer's Office.

There are two other tail collectors; one is in the Underground Waterway in Edward's Tale, and will trade a Gold Tail with him if he has the right number of Bronze and Silver Tails. During the first part of the Final Tale, the player can go to the Path to Babil to give a number of Small Tails to the tail collector's apprentice, in exchange for the Rainbow Tail or any other tail.

Tail locations[]

In the final tale "The Crystals", all colored Tails except the Rainbow Tail are dropped by specific enemies in specific locations during a specific Moon Phase. Some of these enemies can also be encountered in individual Tales.

Tail Enemy Tale Location Crystals Location Moon Phase Exchange for
Gray Tail Gray Coeurl Kain's Tale - Devil's Road True Moon surface Waning Moon Rear Ring
Ebony Tail Ebony Dragon Lunarian's Tale - Lunar Tunnel Subterrane B4 - Large Central Cave New Moon Taunt Ring
Pink Tail Flan Princess Subterrane B5 - Southwest Cave Full Moon Pink Armor
Black Tail Shadow Dragon Subterrane B5 - Southeast Room Waxing Moon Twin Stars
Purple Tail Behemoth Edge's Tale - Cave of Eblan third area Subterrane B7 - Center Cave New Moon Treasure Hunter V2
White Tail White Dragon Porom's Tale - world map northeast of Mount Ordeals Subterrane B8 - Last Cave Waxing Moon Rapid Ring V2
Green Tail Green Dragon Rydia's Tale - Agart Mine B4 Subterrane B9 - Second Cave Waning Moon Rare Band V2
Red Tail Red Dragon Yang's Tale - Impact Crater floor Subterrane B10 - East Cave New Moon Level band V2
Blue Tail Thunder Dragon Ceodore's Tale - Mist Cave Subterrane B11 - Large Central Room Full Moon Blue Armor
Gold Tail Gold Dragon Subterrane B12 - North Passage Full Moon Gil Band V2

Tails can also be acquired in other ways. In Palom's Tale, a Black Tail can be found in the pub in Troia, but access into the areas where the tail is found costs a total of 159,999 gil for three memberships.

Bronze and Silver Tails[]

In Edward's Tale, he can find Bronze and Silver Tails throughout the Tale, and enemies randomly drop them. A trader in the Underground Waterway will trade Bronze Tail x5 for a Silver Tail, and Silver Tail x5 for a Gold Tail. As enemies can potentially drop the lesser tails, this can be done more than once if the player can obtain the tails needed. The locations of Bronze and Silver Tails is as follows:

  • Damcyan, in a flowerbed.
  • Damcyan east tower, in a hidden passage.
  • Impact Crater, steam vent near Harley.
  • Underground Waterway, in a secret passage behind the falls.
  • Underground Waterway, in a boulder atop the large waterfall.
  • Underground Waterway, near Kaipo exit under a bridge, invisible but locatable by a tile the party cannot walk on.
  • Underground Waterway, near Kaipo exit in a boulder in the water.
  • Kaipo, on a shelf in the pub.
  • Antlion's Den, in a boulder through a hidden passage under the bridge, in the first room.
  • Antlion's Den, in a boulder at the bottom of the den during a New Moon (Silver Tail).
  • Baron, in the waterway beneath the waterfalls.
  • Baron, weapon and armor shop, behind the counter through a hidden passage (Silver Tail).

This gives the player Bronze Tail x10 and Silver Tail x2, Bronze Tail x5 short of the requirements for a Gold Tail. In Edward's Tale the others can be dropped by Adamantoise, Alligator, Basilisk, Ettin Snake, Gigas Gator, Hundlegs, Hydra, Sand Worm, andSplasher.

All of these enemies may drop Bronze Tails, and all but the Adamantoise, Basilisk and Splasher can drop Silver Tails. However, Silver Tails are much rarer drops.

Small Tails[]

In the final tale, around the world the player can find Small Tails, 21 in total. A trader in the Cave of Eblan will trade seven Small Tails for any colored tail of their choice, or fourteen Small Tails for a Rainbow Tail. This is the only way to get a Rainbow Tail.

The locations of the Small Tails are as follows—note that many of the locations referred are unmarked locations on the overworld map:

  • North of Baron Castle in a forest.
  • Town of Baron in tall grass.
  • East of Baron on the overworld as a single tree.
  • Troia Castle, in the moat through a hidden passage.
  • Troia, behind the armor shop.
  • North of Troia, in a bush in a forest clearing.
  • East of Troia, in a bush in a forest clearing.
  • Damcyan, in a bookcase in Harley's room.
  • West of Damcyan, meteor impact site.
  • South of Kaipo between three meteor impact sites.
  • Southeast of Kaipo, in a patch of desert by the sea.
  • Fabul, in a plant on the third floor of the east tower.
  • West of Fabul, in a bush in a forest.
  • Southeast of Fabul, in a bush in a forest.
  • Eblan, in a vase on the second floor of the west tower.
  • North of Tower of Babil in a tree.
  • East of Tower of Babil in a tree.
  • Agart, in a globe in the observatory (Titan must be defeated first).
  • Lodestone Cavern, in a bone formation.
  • Cave of Eblan, third area in a boulder near stairs to fourth area.
  • Southeast of Mt. Ordeals, in a crate in a cave, through a secret passage.

Small Tails are not to be confused with Small Tales, which are a Potion-like HP restoring consumable. They can be found throughout the tale alongside Small Tails but serve no purpose.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

The Tail Collector of this game is a gnome that can be found inside the Moogle Cave, which is present an island situated northwest of the continent Castle Avalon is on.

Tail locations[]

Tails can be dropped by rare and powerful monsters that appear in separate sub-chapters that can be revisited at any time before the end of Chapter 3. After that, the respective enemies that drop each tail are found in different locations.

Tail Enemy Chapter 1-3 location Chapter 4 location
Red Tail Chimera Cave to Deist B1F Area around Deist
Blue Tail Aqua Rex Underwater Temple 4F Area around Rusalka
Yellow Tail Great Avian Anima Grove Area around Fabrica
Green Tail Torosaurus Mazewood Area around Alfheim
Grey Tail Gorging Bunny Land West of Umberwood Area around Castle Falgabard
Silver Tail Silver Dragon Akame Valley Area around Hagakure
Gold Tail Gold Dragon Castle Burtgang Area around Burtgang
Pink Tail Flan Princess Prize at the Casino Island west of the Coliseum

Every Tail may also be infrequently acquired as a reward for defeating three enemies in a row at the Coliseum.