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Tahrongi Canyon.

Tahrongi Canyon is a location in Final Fantasy XI.

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Tahrongi Stone Monument

The stone monument in Tahrongi Canyon.

Position: (E-5)

In a cave in the northwestern corner of Tahrongi canyon, a stone monument lies, erected there by Enid Ironheart, daughter of the legendary Gwynham Ironheart. It reads:

My survey has run into difficulty here in Tahrongi Canyon. I have had to deal with irregular land, a harsh clime, monsters, and, worst of all, fever.
I thought myself prepared before I ventured into Mindartia, but that did not spare me the fever. Even white magic did nothing.
With faltering steps, I sought shelter from the sun, but there was little shade in sight. Then, it appeared before me: the sun-bleached skeleton of an ancient wyrm.
I approached, and found this cave. I soon discovered that the water from a nearby cactus helped reduce my fever. As I recovered, I decided to name my saviors.
In memory of my old friends, Gilbo, Madge, and Navil: victims of a heat wave that struck in the midst of a brotherly quarrel.
—Enid Ironheart, 774 Crystal Era

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