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They say Taelpar Crag was formed when the gods fought there during the Great War of Old.

Taelpar Crag is a canyon in northern Cleigne in Final Fantasy XV. It is a remnant of the War of the Astrals, and thus over 2,000 years old. Its depths conceal the Tempering Grounds, a "training area" operated by Gilgamesh, which is explored in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus.

Niflheim has explored its depths numerous times. In M.E. 719 they encountered a dragon in the gorge upon landing there, and in M.E. 745 discovered the remains of Omega there, deeming it a Solheimian magitek weapon built to fell gods.

In Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV the empire hides its airship fleet inside a canyon in preparation on its attack on Insomnia, possibly Taelpar Crag.


Taelpar Crag almanac location in FFXV.png

In the middle of the "e" in the Kelbass Grasslands text on the in-game map, atop a stack of boxes next to a shack.

Grand gorge dividing Duscae and Cleigne. This trench remains a testament to the severity of the War of the Astrals while also symbolizing the rift that separated the Six.
According to ancient scripture, the name "Taelpar" once referred to the region that now encompasses the gorge. As the gods fought against one another during the ancient war, however, their vicious battle scarred the very earth they once hoped to protect, tearing Taelpar in two. Rumors have recently circulated about imperial forces sending expeditions into explore the caverns of the canyon, but those reports have not been confirmed.