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Taejin's Tower is a location on Gran Pulse in Final Fantasy XIII. It is a large tower amid the wilderness overlooking the village of Oerba. Taejin's Tower is an ancient structure built by the fal'Cie for purposes unknown before serving as home to the fal'Cie Dahaka. What once towered the Pulse sky is now broken and crumbling, but most of its mechanisms still function, including the living statues called Menhirrim imprisoned by Dahaka.

Later, Bhakti's bonus tip #10 explains that the party can climb to the top of the tower and ride the elevator back down all seven flights, which allows the player to find a hidden seventh tier and battle an Undying Cie'th.


This towering spire was built by the fal'Cie in ages past. While the purpose of the structure is unclear, its original height suggests that the mighty beings sought to pierce even the heavens in their insatiable quest for expansion.

No matter the reason for its construction, the tower now lies in ruin, its great spine snapped, and its crumbling interior serving as a lair for the fal'Cie Dahaka.


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Menhirrims protect the party from Dahaka.

The party ventures through the tower on their way to Oerba and must take on a series of missions from the resident statues, whose powers are held in check by the monsters inhabiting the tower. Completing the missions allows the statues to spin the tower's segments into alignment, opening the path upward.

As they approach the top, the fal'Cie Dahaka approaches the party, but is beaten back by the now-freed statues. At the tower's apex, the wounded fal'Cie attacks directly but is defeated. As the party gazes out from the top of the tower, Fang and Vanille are disappointed to discover their hometown looks dilapidated and barren, instead of the grove of flowers they recall from their memories. Despite this, the party decides to ride a capsule down the slope to Oerba to take a closer look.

Thee purpose of the tower is not stated, but though it may have been a part of the fal'Cie's plan to locate Etro's gate. The fal'Cie Dahaka makes its abode atop the tower, who was tasked with searching for the gate from the skies of Gran Pulse.[note 1]

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Item Location
Sinister Fang x20 The Palisades
Chipped Fang x12 Ground Tier
4721 gil Ground Tier
Sparkbane Brooch Ground Tier
Spark Plug x5 Second Tier
Simurgh Third Tier
Metal Armband x2 Third Tier
Glass Orb x2 Fourth Tier
Gale Ring Fourth Tier
Rainbow Anklet x2 Fourth Tier
Ancient Bone x9 Fifth Tier
Librascope Fifth Tier
Tear of Woe x4 Sixth Tier
Unsetting Sun Sixth Tier
Clay Ring Sixth Tier
Tear of Remorse x8 Sixth Tier
Frostbane Brooch x2 The Cloven Spire
Ethersol The Cloven Spire
Collector's Catalog Seventh Tier


The Palisades
The Tyrant's Gate
Ground Tier
Third Tier
Fourth Tier
Fifth Tier
Sixth Tier
Seventh Tier


Seventh Tier[]

There is a second elevator on the apex that leads to another tier. It can be activated after the boss at the top of the tower, Dahaka, has been defeated. The player can use this new elevator to get to the seventh tier where they find another statue. Activating that spins the tower allowing the main elevator to reach every tier.


Musical themes[]

The first background theme heard at Taejin's Tower is "The Vestige", the background theme heard at the Pulse Vestige. It is calm and mysterious, which suits the sight of the tower's palisades. Inside, Taejin's Tower's eponymous theme starts playing, and features a strange tune, reminiscent of electronics, mirroring the tower's mysterious structure and machinery.

The Taejin's Tower elevator has 'elevator's music'. Each times it moves (specifically reaches a floor), it plays classical music in the same mechanics like a music box. The music sounds more like wind chimes instead of digital sounds.

On the "Taejin's Tower" theme, Mina Sakai, who performs the vocals for many background themes in the game, performed a traditional Ainu instrument called the mukkuri.[1]

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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  1. Thus, the tower may allude to the Biblical story of Tower of Babel where people attempted to build a tower tall enough to reach God, but the tower was struck down by Him.