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Tadric is a character from Final Fantasy XIV. He was a court mage and loyal servant of the royal family from Voeburt empire.


Tadric was a court magician and loyal servant of the royal family of Voeburt's empire. Consumed by pride and jealousy, Tadric turned innocent souls of citizens into malformed beasts to throw the kingdom into chaos in order to claim Voeburt's throne for himself.

At some point Tadric persuaded the second princess, Pauldia to desire the throne but as part of his plans, Tadric turned her into a beast.

Their plans end up being foiled when Branden—a former bodyguard of the princess Sauldia—returns to the kingdom with her new companions. As his last act, Tadric casts his curse on the princess Sauldia and turns her into a beast.




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Tadric as a boss.

Tadric is fought as a boss during the tank role quest The Hardened Heart The Hardened Heart. During the solo instance, the player controls Branden through role-play mode.