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One of the youngest tribunes at Akademeia, Tachinami relays orders to Class Zero on large-scale missions and coordinates the time until the cadets march. He and Kasumi serve as liaisons between Class Zero and the dominion legions. Pure at heart and firm in his convictions, Tachinami is one of the few straight arrows in the army and rough-and-rowdy soldiers. He is so serious that he rarely picks up on jokes, and some of his comrades tend to feel awkward around him—something else he fails to notice. Tachinami is not the ambitious type, but he is extremely talented, effortlessly completing any task assigned to him.


Tachinami Show is a non-player character in Final Fantasy Type-0. He is a tribune from the Dominion of Rubrum stationed at Akademeia who relays orders to Class Zero on missions. He is found in Central Command and talking to him allows the cadets to find out about the next mission, and to skip time and progress to mission day immediately if they so wish.


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According to the Rubicus, Tachinami is 26 years old and 5'8" (173cm) tall. He wears the black-gold-and-red dominion tribune uniform, denoting his rank in the Dominion of Rubrum legionaries. He has long black hair and brown eyes.


Allow me to brief you on your upcoming operation.


Tachinami maintains a professional demeanor and is serious, stern and calm, striving only to finish what must be done as efficiently as possible. Though described as unambitious, he is talented and has great leadership qualities.


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Tachinami is one of the dominion tribunes to coordinate the war effort when the Militesi Empire attacks Rubrum. Unusually, Akademeia's Agito Cadets are to be deployed as well, and thus come under Tachinami's jurisdiction, who stays in contact with Class Zero via the COMM when they are out on such missions. After the dominion reclaims the Rubrum Region, Lord Zhuyu, the Vermilion Bird Primus l'Cie, announces that he will be partaking in the war effort and can be called upon in the upcoming operation to reclaim the Togoreth Stronghold from Milites. Tachinami is surprised the legionaries will be getting help from a l'Cie, but Zhuyu says he can't guarantee anything, as the Crystal has the final say on his movements.

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