Artwork from Final Fantasy VI.

Cat suit that negates poison damage.

Description, Final Fantasy VI.

Tabby Suit (ゴロネコスーツ, Goroneko Sūtsu?, lit. Purring Cat Suit) is a recurring armor in the series. It commonly prevents the Poison status effect and offers a wide arrange of stat boosts.


Final Fantasy IV

Cat suit that prevents poison.


Tabby Suit is the strongest armor for Porom, only available in the GBA and PSP versions of the game, but not in the 3D versions. It provides 28 Defense, 30 Magic Defense, 30 Evasion, 15 Magic Evasion, +10 Stamina, +10 Agility, and resistance to Poison. It can be obtained by buying it for 560,000 gil at the Lunar Ruins or by winning it from Coeurl Regina.

Final Fantasy VI

Tabby Suit is the weakest Costume available, only usable by Strago and Relm. It provides 54 Defense, 36 Magic Defense, +2 Strength, +2 Speed, +2 Stamina, +2 Magic, and immunity to Poison, and can be obtained by buying finding it at the Esper Caves or stealing it from Coeurl Cat.

Bravely Default

A cat costume completely covered in animal fur. The long, thick fur completely blocks attacks by poisonous fangs and claws.


Tabby Suit is a low to mid-ranked Light Armor that provides 13 P. Defense, 3 M. Defense, +2 M. Attack, and immunity to Poison. It can be obtained by buying it for 700 at Yulyana Woods Needleworks or finding it at Miasma Woods.


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