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A full TP bar in a Final Fantasy XIII.

TP, short for Tactical Points (タクティカルポイント, Takutikaru Pointo?), or Technical Points, is a recurring stat in the Final Fantasy series. It is a resource that is used to perform certain actions, with varying functions depending on the game.


Final Fantasy XI[]

TP is displayed as a blue bar representing points that range from 0 to 3000. The bar itself is fills fully at 1000 points and fills again over itself as more points are collected. TP is primarily related to the use of weapon skills, powerful abilities similar to Limit Breaks By default, a player's TP begins at 0. Once a player accumulates a minimum of 1000TP, they will be able to use Weapon Skills, though they do not have to do so immediately. Except under special circumstances such as being under the effect of Meikyo Shisui, all TP will be expended when using a weapon skill.

Like players, enemies are also able to gain TP and this is used to determine whether they are able to use their enemy abilities. For this reason, special abilities used by enemies are commonly known as "TP moves".

In addition to allowing the use of weapon skills, TP is also used by Dancers in the use of their Samba and Waltz abilities and is also a factor in a number of Blue Magic spells.

TP is primarily gained by dealing damage with a melee weapon. The amount of TP gained per hit is proportional to the weapon's delay, with slower weapons such as scythes generating more TP per hit. The job trait Store TP affects this form of TP gain, allowing players to gain more TP from the same amount of weapon delay. The melee attack must deal at least 1 damage in order to generate TP.

TP can also be gained through taking damage from enemies, although the amount generated is significantly lower than by melee attacks. The player must take at least 1 damage in order to generate TP in this way. Enemies, on the other hand, gain significant TP from taking damage. The job trait Subtle Blow affects this form of TP gain, reducing the amount of TP gained by enemies from each hit they take.

A number of other methods exist for generating TP, such as through the Samurai job ability Meditate, or from the beneficial status Regain.

Jun 17, 2014 Version Update[]

Prior to the Jun 17, 2014 version update, TP was represented as a percentage ranging from 0 to 300%. Although TP was displayed this way, it was calculated by the game's system to 1 decimal place. To promote clarity in the amount of TP gained and the way TP was calculated, it was changed from the 300% percentage scale system to a 3000 point system.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

TP, short for Technical Points in the English script and Tactical Points in the Japanese script, is used for certain command abilities, known as Techniques in the English script and TP Abilities in the original Japanese, that give the party a notable tactical advantage, including Libra, Renew, Summon, Dispelga, Quake, and Stopga. It is a stat shared by the entire party, even when the party is split into different teams acting in different locations.

TP is represented by a yellow gauge, consisting of various segmented bars of differing length, with each segment representing one TP, with up to 5 TP available at a time. In the game data, the entire TP gauge is 2,100 points long, with the first bar being filled with 100 points, the second with 200, and the last three bars 600 each reaching the maximum TP. The points are invisible to the player and only present inernally. TP abilities use only full bars and ignore the points; the points are used solely to calculate the way the TP gauge accumulates TP.

Accumulating TP[]

An Ethersol can be used outside of battle to fully restores the TP gauge, while an Elixir will fully restore the TP gauge and all party members' HP in battle.

The amount of TP recovered after each battle is based on the enemy's level and the battle rank.[1]

Rank Recovery
0 stars Sum of enemies' levels / 8
1 star Sum of enemies' levels / 4
2 stars Sum of enemies' levels / 2
3 stars Sum of enemies' levels
4 stars Sum of enemies' levels * 3
5 stars Sum of enemies' levels * 8

The enemies' level is a battle mechanic factor rather than an indication of their strength, which means the strongest of enemies do not necessarily recover TP the fastest.

TP can also be recovered via other means. In practice, however, the amount of TP gained during battle is often minimal.

Condition Recovery
Party member defeats an enemy. 21
Party member with Energy Sash defeats an enemy. 122
Party member fully stacks their ATB gauge performs a successful action. 41
Fang Staggers an enemy with Punisher (Stagger: TP Charge). 10
Fang staggers an enemy with the upgraded versions of the Punisher (Stagger: TP Charge II). 20
Win a battle with Champion's Badge equipped. 5
  • 1 - While summoning an Eidolon recovery = 0
  • 2 - While summoning an Eidolon recovery = 10[1]

If a party member has the synthesized ability Gestalt/TP Boost and is not knocked out all listed values become double; it affects all party members' actions not just the person with the ability. If the recovery due to the increase from Gestalt/TP Boost becomes more than 10, then recovery equals [(2 * normal) - 1].[1]

Gestalt/TP Boost is acquired by equipping equipment that have the same trait to a single party member. Combining equipment this way activates the ability.

The list of possible equipment is:

  • Weapons: Hauteclaire, Durandal, Lionheart, Ultima Weapon, Rigels, Polaris Specials, Procyons, Betelgeuse Customs, Unsetting Sun, Midnight Sun, Alicanto, Caladrius, Heavenly Axis, Abraxas, Taming Pole, Venus Gospel
  • Accessories: Survivalist Catalog, Hunter's Friend, Speed Sash, Energy Sash, Champion's Badge

2 – 3 pieces of equipment gives Random: Instant Chain. 4 – 5 pieces of equipment gives Gestalt/TP Boost.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

In the initial release of Final Fantasy XIV, TP acted similarly to Final Fantasy XI, starting at 0 TP and building as the player character dealt damage and had damage dealt to them and was represented as a bar and numerically up to 3000 TP. Unlike Final Fantasy XI, actions tended to cost more variable amounts TP.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

After the relaunch of the game, TP was the resource used for Weaponskills. With the exceptions of Inner Beast and Steel Cyclone, all weaponskills consumed from 40 to up to 150 TP. TP was represented as a yellow bar next to the HP and MP bars, and numerically ranged from 0 to 1000. TP started full and regenerated at a rate of 100 TP per tick when out of combat and at 60 TP per tick during combat. This effect could be further increased with the status buffs Goad and Tactician while abilities Invigorate and Enliven directly restored TP. Sprint would spend all TP when activated, intended as a last ditch effort to escape combat, as it would leave the player character defenceless.

With the release of the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion the game was rebalanced and TP was removed from the game. No longer existing as a stat, all abilities relating to TP restoration were altered or removed and Weaponskills no longer require TP to be executed.