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Zell Dincht riding one of his T-Boards.

A T-Board (Tボード, Tī Bōdo?), or Turbine Board (タービンボード, Tābin Bōdo?)[1], is a hoverboard used for recreation and sport in Final Fantasy VIII.

Powered by an engine that allows the deck to hover, the rider "rides" the board by standing on the rear portion of the deck using their weight and legs to control the board's trajectory. The deck itself seems to be a little over a meter and a half in length.


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A self-motivated T-Boarder, Zell Dincht, owns at least two boards. The first is confiscated from him by the Balamb Garden Faculty when he arrives to a mission briefing while riding the board, as riding them on school grounds is against school rules.

A second T-Board, which he keeps in his room at home, can be seen during the Galbadian occupation of Balamb Town. With Zell in the party, the player can visit his room to rest and see the board firsthand. If Quistis is also in the party, she will recall an amusing incident involving Zell accidentally crashing his T-Board into the girls' restroom in Balamb Garden.

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