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Allows an ally to follow the leader's attack command with an attack from linked materia. Works with fire, ice, lightning, wind, and poison materia.


Synergy materia is a Support Materia Support Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It can be linked with certain Magic Materia Magic Materia to cause a character to follow up an attack command from the currently controlled player character with the first tier ability from the linked materia.

Synergy materia can be paired with fire, ice, lightning, wind, and Poison Materia Poison Materia. Synergy was greatly improved in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, allowing spells to be cast for free.


Synergy materia can be purchased from Chadley after completing Battle Intel Report 9.


Cloud casting Thunder after Aerith uses Fire.

Synergy materia causes a character to cast a spell from the linked materia following the leader's attack, unless they are already amid casting another spell. In many cases, this frees up the player from micromanaging said character, allowing them to focus their efforts elsewhere. It can be used strategically to exploit certain enemies' weaknesses to a spell, and to take advantage of allies who use magic spells often in battle.

The biggest drawback to synergy materia in the PlayStation 4 version is that it can be an inefficient use for a materia slot, as characters may simply cast the spell instead. Players may prefer to switch to other characters and cast spells this way, micromanaging their party. Spells cast via synergy cannot be magnified, but they can be Dualcast with Arcane Ward.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, synergy materia allows non-active characters to cast elemental spells for free when the current leader uses an offensive ability or spell (no ATB or MP consumed). This completely changes the value of synergy materia in Intergrade and "Episode INTERmission", making it extremely beneficial to equip at almost all times when there is more than one character in the battle party. In this version, pairing synergy with a magic materia while another copy of that magic materia is paired to MP Absorption Materia MP Absorption Materia and/or HP Absorption Materia HP Absorption Materia can restore that character's HP and/or MP at no cost every time it is used, and can refill these quickly. It can also be spammed effectively with either Tifa or Cloud as the current party leader by using their abilities Focused Strike and Disorder, since they will restore ATB when those abilities hit their target.

Because synergy materia cannot level up, there is no need to equip it if it is not in use.

In "Episode INTERmission", synergy materia is great on Sonon, who should have it equipped at all times paired to a magic materia of the element most upcoming enemies are weak to, or at least do not resist. Sonon will then also use the paired spell after synergized abilities with Yuffie.