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Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy is an album of tracks from the original Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II, arranged for orchestra, performed by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra on the 20th of May of 1989, conducted by Katsuhisa Hattori.

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "SCENE I" (Final Fantasy II - "Main Theme")
  2. "SCENE II" (Final Fantasy II - "Battle Theme 2")
  3. "SCENE III" (Final Fantasy - "Opening Theme", "Town", "Matoya's Cave")
  4. "SCENE IV" (Final Fantasy II - "Finale")
  5. "SCENE V ~Prelude~" (Final Fantasy - "Main Theme", "Chaos' Shrine")
  6. "SCENE VI" (Final Fantasy - "Mount Gulg", Final Fantasy II - "Dungeon", "The Imperial Army")
  7. "SCENE VII" (Final Fantasy II - "The Rebel Army")

Liner notes (translated from the original Japanese[edit | edit source]

Everything took place in the Gohanda temporary hall in Tokyo, on May 20, 1989. It was raining that day. For me, I was precisely "moved" that day. Being the father of the FF original melodies, it seemed like seeing my daughter's wedding; her going away from my care. I was both embarrassed and shy. "Oh... She's wearing such a nice dress... Wow. I can't believe it's her. Well... am I glad or what? Sigh... Damn, water's coming out from my eyes.." Yes, I felt like a father of a poor girl going to marry a rich guy. Not only me, but the fans who came to the concert were satisfied very much. The concert was a great success.

The guy who my daughter married was Mr. Hattori. There is no need to tell that Mr. Hattori is the one of the representers of Japanese music. Mr. Hattori Jr. who's only 23 joins him. This concert was the result of me begging them..

I really think that if you stop thinking of this orchestra as "game music", you can enjoy it even more. Let me explain the songs contained within the scenes.

ACT1 is from the main theme of FF2j. It's really dramatic with full chorus in the back.
ACT2 is from the battle of FF2j. It is a unique combination of a rhythm machine and a full orchestra.
ACT3 contains the "opening", "town", and "Matoya's cave" from FF1. The "opening" is an image melody for the FF series, since I wrote it first.
ACT4 is the FF2j Finale.
ACT5 starts out with a new song which Mr. Hattori composed for this concert. It goes into the FF1 main theme, Chaos Palace, and into Prelude. I really love the beautiful transitions.
ACT6 is from "volcano", "dungeon", and "imperial" themes from FF1 and 2j.
ACT7 is the theme of the rebels in FF2j. This is a lot slower than the original, and has changed into an emotional piece very sufficient for the finale.

I must thank everyone who did their best for this concert. Thanks to the audience who came in spite of the rain, too.

Nobuo Uematsu

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